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Main Feature
Load Capacity 720W
Input Voltage 145-280V
Output Voltage 220/230 VAC +/-10%
Frequency (Battery Mode) 50/60Hz +/-5%
Battery Lead-Acid Miantenance-Free, 2 ps with 12V & 7.2Ah
Alarm Beeping Alarm
Others Display Type: LED Display
Indications: AC Mode: Green lighting
Battery Mode: Red lighting
Over Load: Yellow lighting
Output Features
Backup Time 25-30 Minute (1PC & 1 Monitor)
Type of Wave Modified-Sinewave
Others Transfer Time: 2-6 ms Typical
Warranty Information
Warranty 1 year

POWER GUARD 1200VA CS Offline UPS Price in Bangladesh

The Power Guard 1200VA CS Offline UPS features involuntary voltage regulation (AVR), High/ Low Voltage Protection, Load/ Short Protection Cool. This Power Guard UPS featured an input voltage range of 145-280VAC and a frequence of 50/ 60Hz5. It offers an affair voltage of 220/ 230VAC10. It has a transfer time of 2

6 ms ( Typical) and a Pure Sine Wave The Power Guard 1200VA UPS is equipped with a Lead-Acid Conservation-Free battery. It takes a recharge time of 6 hours over to 90 capacity. It can deliver a backup time of 05-20 mins ( Depending on cargo). This UPS indicates AC Mode with Green lighting, Battery Mode with Red lighting, and Over Cargo Unheroic lighting.

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