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The importance of HDD in computers

A data storage device used to store and retrieve data later is called a hard disk (HDD), hard drive, hard disk, or fixed drive. A hard disk consists of many concentric disks. We refer to these as platters. There's a magnetic metal covering these. Magnetic heads are fastened to platters. Their actuator arm is also operational. The information on the platters' surface is read and stored by this actuator arm. Random access is used to move the data to the disk. This implies that the data is saved in any available area on the device rather than being sorted one at a time. Data is kept on the hard drive even after the computer is shut off. gaming PC

Popular Brands of HDD

A variety of desktop and laptop hard drives are available from the leading HDD companies in Bangladesh for use as computer storage. Presently offered in Bangladesh, SeagateToshiba, and Western Digital are the top three HDD brands. These manufacturers provide every kind of HDD, including enterprise and consumer-grade HDD for NAS, servers, and surveillance. A 2.5-inch laptop hard drive or a 3.5-inch desktop hard drive are your options. The companies are also the most well-known names in the BD SSD market; for unmatched storage speeds, view our finest SSD pricing in BD.

Types of Hard Disk Drive

Consumer Grade

The consumer-grade HDD, which is incredibly inexpensive, is the most popular form of laptop or desktop hard drive. Perfect for nearly any standard home or business computer, this is the most basic PC hard drive available on the market. The most popular uses include storing personal files, accessing them often, and frequently utilizing them as backup drives. These are suitable for nearly all personal computer tasks, from light gaming to productivity and beyond.

Enterprise Grade

Hard disk drives intended for enterprise use are designed to withstand continuous use in applications like servers and surveillance storage. The Enterprise HDDs have strong construction, durable materials, and power-regulating features since they must withstand the test of time. Enterprise HDD is able to drastically minimize noise by utilizing rubber grommets and having the platters robustly bonded to the hard disk case. Additionally, it guarantees a significantly longer server lifespan for the drive by lowering heat and vibration-induced wear and tear. Leading brand WD offers enterprise-grade desktop PC hard disk drives in five different colors to suit different applications. Find out which WD Hard Drive color is best for your house or place of business by reading about its meanings.

Surveillance HDD

Surveillance hard drives are among the most popular enterprise hard disk kinds available from well-known HDD companies. numerous streams of data can be read and written by hard drives designed for surveillance purposes, serving numerous desktop users. The read/write speeds of these hard disk drives are sacrificed in order to drastically cut down on power consumption. Surveillance HDDs require very little maintenance over many years, if not decades, because of their low power activities. In terms of surveillance HDD, brands like Toshiba and Seagate are quite well-known.

Capacity of Hard Disk Drive

The HDD capacity often establishes the critical price threshold. Hard drive sizes ranging from 1TB to 2TB are currently the most common for all kinds of personal computers. The more Hard Drive capacity you require, the higher the cost. However, a lot of consumers plan to mix HDD and SSD for optimal archiving performance. where the HDD is used as a permanent backup drive and the SSD (Solid State Drive), which has a lesser capacity, serves as the boot drive. In this method, a user may reduce their budget without sacrificing their level of data security confidence.

Form Factor

There are two main varieties of HDDs in terms of size and form factor: 2.5" and 3.5" drives. Determine the size of your HDD bay before selecting your hard drive to ensure a perfect fit within the PC shell. A 2.5" form factor hard drive is the standard when purchasing one for a laptop. An external or portable hard drive may be created from a laptop, and it can function just as well as an internal hard drive on a desktop computer.

HDD Speed & RPM

The hard disc RPM and read/write speeds are two of the aspects that affect an internal HDD's speed. Users may theoretically achieve read/write rates of up to 6 GB/s when transferring data with the newest interface, SATA III. However, you might need to look at the drive's sequential read/write rates in order to determine the real HDD speed. Another characteristic that provides insight into the device's performance potential is the HDD RPM, which indicates the speed at which the device's SHINGLED Magnetic diskette(s) revolve. In BD, the typical HDD RPM is between 5400 and 7200. For quicker speeds, try to obtain an HDD with a higher RPM.

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What interface does an internal HDD use?

- Most modern HDDs use a SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) interface to connect to the motherboard. SATA III is the latest revision, offering the fastest data transfer speeds. Ensure compatibility with your motherboard.

Do internal HDDs use a lot of power?

- Lower RPM HDDs consume less power. This can be a deciding factor for energy-efficient computers.

Can I use an internal HDD externally?

- Yes, with a compatible enclosure that allows you to connect the HDD to your computer via USB or another interface.

How can I format a new internal HDD?

- The operating system (Windows, Mac) typically has built-in tools for formatting storage drives. Consult your OS's documentation for specific instructions.

How can I safely remove an internal HDD from my computer?

- Always follow proper shutdown procedures for your OS before physically removing the HDD from your computer to prevent data loss.

Hard Disk Drive Price in Bangladesh 2024

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