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Intel Processors best price in Bangladesh

Intel processors are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and widespread use in computing devices. These CPUs consistently deliver high performance across various applications. With a history of innovation, Intel's processor lineup includes generations of chips, each offering improved efficiency, clock speeds, and integrated graphics. From the power-efficient Core series for ultrabooks to the high-performance Core i7 and i9 for gaming and content creation, Intel provides options to suit diverse needs. The reliability, software compatibility, and wide availability of Intel processors make them a preferred choice for many consumers, professionals, and enterprises, ensuring a robust and capable computing experience.

Intel is the most innovative Processor Manufacturer in the history of CPUs for premium processors with high performance. Intel processors are offered in a variety of model families with codenames like Core, Xeon, Pentium, and Celeron in multiple generations like 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and latest 14th Gen. These processors power most of the PCs on the existing market, with specific models engineered for enhanced speed, mobility, creative workflows, gaming performance, business news, big data, and other applications.

Intel Processors Price in BD

When selecting any desktop or laptop, a processor is one of the crucial factors to take into account. Why? It does this because it acts as the computer or laptop's brain. It is in charge of performing all calculations for generic operations.
Another name for a computer's central processing unit (CPU) is "processor." It is perhaps the most crucial part of a computer since it allows the system to execute tasks through applications and executes and controls the computer's program instructions. As the system's central processing unit, it receives, directs, and processes data.

Latest 14th Generation Processor All Models

Intel Core Processor

  • Intel Core X-series Processors:Unlocked CPUs that deliver up to 18 cores for the most extreme gaming, creative production, and multi-tasking.
  • Intel Core i9 Processors:Delivering up to 16 unlocked cores for seamless 4K Ultra HD and 360 video, robust gameplay, and multitasking performance.
  • Intel Core i7 Processors:This CPU packs the power of up to 14 cores for accelerated computing supporting high-end gaming, connectivity, and security.
  • Intel Core i5 Processors:Experience exceptional performance for home and business PCs, with up to 12 cores for gaming, creativity and multitasking.
  • Intel Core i3 Processors:These value-packed processors deliver outstanding performance for everyday tasks

Benefits of Intel Processor

  • Compatibility: Intel CPUs are widely available because they represent one of the most significant processor brand names on the market. This gives customers more options for PCs, and a wider range of functions, and can be found in devices selling for less money. 
  • Power Consumption: The electricity used by Intel processors in notebook computers is not as high as that of other CPUs on the market. For instance, compared to Intel's Atom CPU, which drives the Netbook, the AMD CPU can consume up to twice as much power, if not more. In contrast, the difference in the battery is clearly discernible. 
  • Heat Generation: The Intel processing chips produce less heat because they use less power. Because components are packed closer together in a mini-computer, the processor produces less heat, keeping the rest of the device cooler. 
  • Production Capacity: Because Intel has a higher fabrication capacity, its CPUs will be more widely available and employed in a large number of machines.
  • Integrated Graphics: Usually, you have to choose between AMD and Intel when buying a CPU. The fact that Intel ships with integrated Iris or HD graphics out of the box is one advantage it has over competitors. Therefore, you don't need a GPU to start playing games or streaming high-quality video. 
  • Integrated Memory Controllers: This technology enhances the temporary storage and retrieval of instructions and enables a CPU to manage the activity of all of its cores. A greater performance ceiling is possible thanks to Intel's strong Core i7 processors and fast route Interconnect, which placed it on an equal footing with AMD in terms of memory.
  • Not noisy: Manufacturers at Intel outsmarted by implementing heatsink technology. When operating, this heatsink is silent. According to logic, a processor won't be noisy while operating if something at work doesn't make a loud noise when it's used in one. 

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Intel Processor Price in Bangladesh 2024

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    • Socket Supported FCLGA1200
    • Speed 3.60 up to 4.30 GHz
    • Cores- 4 & Threads- 8
    • 6M Cache
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Socket Supported FCLGA1200
    • Speed 3.60 up to 4.30 GHz
    • Cores- 4 & Threads- 8
    • 6M Intel Smart Cache
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Clock Speed:2.90 GHz up to 4.30 GHz
    • Cores-6 & Threads-12
    • 12 MB SmartCache
    • Intel UHD Graphics 630