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Liquid Cooling for High-Performance Gaming PC

Superior heat dissipation is provided by liquid cooling for high-performance gaming PCs, guaranteeing ideal thermal control throughout demanding gaming sessions. These systems effectively move heat away from crucial components like the CPU and GPU by using a liquid coolant, usually water or a specialized fluid. Lower operating temperatures as a consequence avoid thermal throttling and preserve maximum performance. Liquid cooling systems may be customized to fit different PC designs and available in a variety of configurations, including all-in-one (AIO) coolers and bespoke loop arrangements. For gamers who want the best performance and dependability from their gaming rigs, liquid cooling is a preferred option due to its quieter operation and enhanced overclocking capabilities.

Top Brands of Liquid Cooler

Prominent brands in liquid cooling, known for their cutting-edge designs and high-performance solutions, are Corsair, NZXT, Cooler Master, and Thermaltake. All-in-one liquid coolers from Corsair come with RGB lighting choices, while NZXT is more focused on sleek, simple designs. For both pros and hobbyists, Thermaltake offers configurable liquid cooling systems, while Cooler Master offers both high-end and affordable liquid cooling choices.

Types of Liquid Cooler

All-in-One (AIO) Liquid Coolers

Compact and easy-to-install solutions with pre-filled coolant, ideal for users seeking convenience and efficient cooling for their CPUs.

Custom Loop Liquid Cooling

Fully customizable setups that allow users to tailor their cooling solutions to specific hardware configurations, offering maximum performance and flexibility.

Open Loop Liquid Cooling

Similar to custom loops but with the option to expand and modify the cooling system as needed, providing versatility for enthusiasts and overclockers.

Direct-to-Die Liquid Cooling

Advanced cooling solutions that directly cool the CPU or GPU die, offering superior thermal performance compared to traditional cooling methods.

Hybrid Liquid Cooling

Combines elements of both air and liquid cooling, typically featuring liquid-cooled components such as the CPU or GPU with additional air-cooled components for efficient heat dissipation.


Using liquid cooling to overclock hardware entails pushing it over performance thresholds specified by the manufacturer. By effectively dissipating the heat produced during overclocking, liquid cooling improves stability and allows for faster clock rates. Liquid cooling allows enthusiasts to optimize CPU and GPU performance without thermal throttling since it maintains lower temperatures than air cooling. However, to avoid damage from extreme heat, adequate setup and monitoring are necessary. Liquid cooling overclocking provides enthusiasts with performance increases unmatched for taxing jobs like gaming and content creation.

Cooling Efficiency

Liquid cooling systems offer superior cooling efficiency compared to traditional air cooling methods. By using a liquid coolant, typically water or a mixture of water and additives, heat can be more effectively dissipated from the components. Liquid cooling setups utilize radiators and fans to efficiently transfer heat away from the CPU or GPU, resulting in lower operating temperatures and better overall performance for high-demand applications such as gaming or intensive computing tasks.

Compact Design

Liquid cooling systems' small size provides a space-saving option for efficiently controlling heat in a variety of applications. Space-saving solutions maximize performance without sacrificing radiator, pump, or reservoir integration into a single, streamlined unit. They are perfect for tiny PC constructions because of their small footprint, which allows for effective cooling in confined spaces. Furthermore, its modular architecture enables modification and flexibility for installation to meet varying needs.

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Q1: What is liquid cooling?

A1: Liquid cooling, also known as water cooling, is a method of cooling electronic components such as CPUs or GPUs by circulating a liquid coolant through a heat sink attached to the component.

Q2: How does liquid cooling work?

A2: Liquid cooling works by transferring heat away from electronic components through the process of conduction and convection. The liquid coolant absorbs heat from the component, then flows to a radiator where it dissipates the heat into the surrounding air.

Q3: What are the benefits of liquid cooling?

A3: Liquid cooling offers several benefits, including superior cooling performance compared to air cooling, quieter operation, and the ability to overclock components for increased performance without overheating.

Q4: Is liquid cooling difficult to install?

A4: Installing a liquid cooling system can be more complex than air cooling but is typically manageable with proper instructions and tools. Many liquid cooling kits are designed for easy installation, but it's important to follow manufacturer guidelines carefully.

Q5: Are there any risks associated with liquid cooling?

A5: While liquid cooling can provide excellent cooling performance, there are some risks involved, such as leaks that could potentially damage components. However, with proper maintenance and installation, the risk of leaks can be minimized, making liquid cooling a safe and effective cooling solution.

Water / Liquid Cooling Price in Bangladesh 2024

Please find the Water / Liquid Cooling prices in Bangladesh listed below. The range starts from BDT 7,160৳ and goes up to BDT 7,500৳ with a total of 2 different products available. Out of these, 2 products are currently in stock, and 2 of them are offered at the best discount price. The price list was last updated on 12-07-2024 by Onix Computer.

Corsair iCUE Commander CORE XT Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller
Save510 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Color:Black
    • RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller
    • Intelligent Fan Detection
    • Accurate Temperature Monitoring
Corsair ICUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting And Fan Speed Controller
Save1800 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller
    • USB connection: Internal USB 2.0 9-pin
    • Thermistor ports: Four
    • RGB Channels: Two

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Latest Water / Liquid Cooling price List in BD 2024

View today 2024-07-13 last updated prices of Water / Liquid Cooling in Bangladesh. Last updated date 07/11/2024

Water / Liquid Cooling List Price in BD
Corsair iCUE Commander CORE XT Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller 6,650৳
Corsair ICUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting And Fan Speed Controller 5,700৳