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The Evolution of Portable SSD

The external SSD drive, also known as a solid-state disk (SSD), has a rich history of technological advancements. Initially, SSDs were similar to SSDs, but later, SATA Express and M.2 interfaces were developed to enhance their performance. In the late 1980s, Zitel, Inc. introduced DRAM-based SSD products called "RAMDisk". SanDisk Corporation revolutionized the industry in 1991 by releasing the first 20 MB SSD for IBM ThinkPad laptops. In 2009, SSDs saw significant improvements with the introduction of a PCI Express ×8 interface by OCZ Technology and the announcement of an SSD with 6 Gbit/s speeds by Micron Technology. Despite their impressive performance, SSDs can experience data leakage over time without power, but this issue is mitigated by the use of 3D TLC NAND-based flash memory.

Popular Portable SSD Brands

Popular portable SSD brands include AdataApacerCrucialHPLaCiePNYSamsungSandiskSeagateSilicon PowerTEAMTeutons And Western Digital. These brands offer a range of portable SSD options with varying capacities, speeds, and features to suit different user needs. Known for their reliability, performance, and durability, these brands are trusted by consumers for storing and transferring data efficiently. Whether for professional use or personal needs, these popular brands provide high-quality portable SSDs that cater to the demands of users in Bangladesh.

Storage Capacity

Think about how much storage space you'll need. External SSDs typically range from 250GB to 8TB, but the most common capacities are 500GB and 1TB. Here's a guideline to help you decide:

  • 250GB-500GB: Ideal for storing essential documents, photos, and casual gaming.
  • 1TB-2TB: Great for storing a sizable photo and music library, along with documents and games.
  • 4TB and above Ideal for professionals working with large video or design files.


Speed is a significant advantage of external SSDs. Look for models with faster read/write speeds, measured in megabytes per second (MB/s) or gigabytes per second (GB/s). Here's a general guide:

  • 500MB/s - 1000MB/s: Suitable for everyday tasks, including document editing and browsing.
  • 1000MB/s and above is Ideal for demanding tasks like video editing, gaming, and professional applications.


Most external SSDs connect to your computer using a USB cable. The most common types are USB 3.0 (also known as USB 3.2 Gen 1) and the newer USB 3.2 Gen 2 (also known as USB-C). Here's a breakdown:

  • USB 3.0: Offers good transfer speeds, but is slower than the newer options.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2: Provides significantly faster transfer speeds, ideal for maximizing the potential of your SSD.

Form Factor

External SSDs come in various sizes and shapes. Consider portability and durability based on how you'll use the drive.

  • 2.5-inch SSDs: The most common size, offering a good balance of portability and storage capacity.
  • Pocket-sized SSDs: Highly portable and ideal for carrying around, but may offer less storage capacity.
  • Rugged SSDs: Built for durability and can withstand drops and extreme temperatures.

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Do I need any software to use an external SSD?

- No, external SSDs are typically plug-and-play. Your computer should automatically recognize the drive upon connection.

Are external SSDs more fragile than HDDs?

- While they lack the spinning platters of HDDs, external SSDs can still be damaged from drops or falls. Consider a ruggedized case for added protection if you plan on carrying it around frequently.

Can I use an external SSD to boot up my computer?

- Yes, some external SSDs can be used for booting up your computer. However, this functionality depends on your computer's BIOS settings and may not be supported by all models.

Is there a risk of data loss with external SSDs?

- Like any storage device, data loss is always a possibility due to hardware failure or accidental deletion. Regularly backing up your data to a separate location is crucial.

Are there any limitations to using external SSDs?

- While highly durable, external SSDs generally have a limited number of write cycles compared to HDDs. This means they might not be ideal for constantly writing and rewriting large files.

Portable SSD Price in Bangladesh 2024

Please find the Portable SSD prices in Bangladesh listed below. The range starts from BDT 4,700৳ and goes up to BDT 37,450৳ with a total of 20 different products available. Out of these, 16 products are currently in stock, and 13 of them are offered at the best discount price. The price list was last updated on 18-07-2024 by Onix Computer.

Adata SE760 1TB USB 3.2 Type-C Portable External SSD
Save930 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Read speed up to 1,000 MB/s
    • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
    • Built with advanced 3D NAND Flash
    • Shock-resistant
Adata SE760 2TB USB 3.2 Type-C Portable SSD
Save1800 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Read speed up to 1,000 MB/s
    • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
    • Built with advanced 3D NAND Flash
    • Shock-resistant
Adata SE760 512GB USB 3.2 Type-C Portable External SSD
Save510 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Read speed up to 1,000 MB/s
    • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
    • Built with advanced 3D NAND Flash
    • Shock-resistant
Apacer AS721 1TB USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C Black Portable External SSD
Save980 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Type :External SSD
    • Storage :1TB
    • Interface s :USB 3 2 Gen2
    • Read Speed :Max 530MB s
Apacer AS721 500GB USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C Black Portable External SSD
Save570 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Type  External SSD
    • Storage 500GB 
    • Interface s  USB 3 2 Gen2
    • Read Speed Max 530MB s
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Capacity:1TB
    • Flash Type:3D NAND
    • Interface:USB 3.1 Type-C Gen2
    • Form Factor:2.5"
LaCie 2TB Portable USB Gen 2 Type-C Portable SSD
Save1800 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Capacity: 2TB
    • Interface: USB-C USB 3.0
    • Up to 540MB/s sequential read/write speeds
    • Drop-resistant up to 2 metres
PNY Pro Elite 250GB USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C Portable SSD
Save520 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Acronis True Image Data Protection Software
    • Drive Type: USB 3.1 Gen 2
    • Read Speed: Up to 880 MB/s
    • Write Speed: Up to 900 MB/s
Samsung T7 1TB USB 32 Type-C Portable SSD
Save12450 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Read/write speeds of up to 1,050/1,000 MB/s
    • Interface: USB 3.2 (Gen2, 10Gbps)
    • AES 256-bit hardware encryption
    • Capacity: 1TB