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Best Gigabyte Graphics Card

Gigabyte Graphics Cards offer exceptional performance and reliability for gaming and professional applications. With variants like RTX, GTX, AORUS, NVIDIA, and AMD, Gigabyte caters to diverse user needs. These cards boast advanced cooling solutions, customizable RGB lighting, and robust build quality. Users can expect smooth gaming experiences, high frame rates, and seamless multimedia editing with Gigabyte's innovative technology. 

Graphics Card Memory Size

Gigabyte's Graphics Card lineup, spanning from 2GB to 24GB, catering to every gaming and professional need. With options like the 2GB and 4GB for casual gamers, up to the 6GB and 8GB models for smoother experiences. Step into higher performance with the 10GB and 16GB variants, ideal for enthusiasts and content creators. For the pinnacle of gaming prowess, embrace the flagship 24GB card, delivering unparalleled graphics memory for the most demanding titles and tasks. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned professional, Gigabyte Graphics Cards offer the power and performance you need to dominate every scenario.

Type of Memory

Experience the epitome of graphics performance with Gigabyte Graphics Cards featuring cutting-edge memory technologies. Choose from DDR3, DDR4, DDR5, GDDR5, GDDR6, and the lightning-fast GDDR6X variants, tailored to meet your specific gaming and professional needs. DDR3 and DDR4 offer solid performance for mainstream users, while DDR5 brings enhanced speed and efficiency. Dive deeper into the gaming realm with GDDR5 and GDDR6, or unleash the ultimate power with GDDR6X, ensuring unparalleled performance and responsiveness for the most demanding tasks. Elevate your graphics experience with Gigabyte.


Gigabyte Graphics Cards, capable of delivering jaw-dropping resolutions. Experience breathtaking clarity and detail with resolutions up to 4096 x 2160, perfect for immersive gaming and multimedia experiences. For those who demand the absolute pinnacle of visual fidelity, Gigabyte Graphics Cards also support resolutions up to a staggering 7680 x 4320, ensuring every pixel is rendered with precision and realism. Whether you're gaming, content creation, or simply enjoying high-definition media, Gigabyte Graphics Cards elevate your viewing experience to unprecedented levels of brilliance and immersion.

Buying Guidelines for Gigabyte Graphics Cards at Onix BD

  • Matching display decision: To that cease, it's miles recommended to pair your GPU with a first-rate gaming display so one can meet your wishes.
  • Thinking about power supply: Before buying any graphics cards, you need to consider the room of your power supply.
  • SLI or CrossFire: Recreation help for multi-card SLI or crossfire setup is now essentially useless. It's miles normally a larger trouble to add some different card than it's far worth.

Trending Gigabyte Graphics Card in Bangladesh


Graphics cards (GPUs) are specialized electronic circuits that accelerate the creation and rendering of images, video, and animations. Gigabyte Graphics Cards redefine performance with cutting-edge technology and relentless innovation. Whether you're gaming, creating, or streaming, expect nothing but blazing-fast speeds and seamless experiences. With powerful GPUs and advanced cooling solutions, Gigabyte Graphics Cards deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and experience the full potential of your favorite applications and games.

Gigabyte Graphics Card Review

Gigabyte graphics cards consistently receive positive reviews for their outstanding performance and quality. Their cards often feature advanced cooling systems, enabling efficient heat dissipation and quieter operation. Many models support overclocking, giving users the ability to push performance even further. RGB lighting options allow for customization, enhancing aesthetics. Gigabyte's graphics cards are known for their durability and reliability, providing gamers and professionals with a solid investment. They offer a variety of connectivity options, making them suitable for various setups. While pricing can vary, Gigabyte's offerings generally provide a competitive value proposition, making them a popular choice among PC enthusiasts and gamers.

Gigabyte Graphics Card

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Q.Where can I find the Gigabyte GPU in Bangladesh?

A.Gigabyte GPUs are available on Onix BD website and stores.

Q.What is the graphics card's main use?

A.Video games, 3-D animation, and video games have also ended up examples of this development in performance across the board.

Q.What is the most important thing about a graphics card?

A.The amount of video storage, additionally referred to as VRAM, is one of the maximum important capabilities of a graphics card. The storage of the graphics cards is for photographs and it stores photograph records to be accessed in some seconds.

Q.Why do we need a graphics card for a PC?

A.It's miles enough to your computer's built-in photos. However, in case you are inquisitive about gaming, video enhancement, photograph manipulation, 3-D videos, and CAD modeling, the graphics card goes to make a big difference.

Q.Which is better AMD or Nvidia?

A.One of the most vital versions of Nvidia graphics cards is that especially at immoderate give up, NVIDIA GPUs are more powerful than their AMD opposite numbers due to the fact they offer higher fees for decreased price factors and a greater cozy person interface.

Gigabyte Graphics Card Price in Bangladesh 2024

Gigabyte Graphics Card prices in Bangladesh for 2024 at Onix Computer. Uncover a diverse range of Gigabyte Graphics Card tailored to various needs .Onix Computer begins at BDT 7,000৳ and can go up to BDT 94,500৳ depending on the brand and specifications With a variety of 53 items available at Onix Computer. Onix Computer ensures you access the latest technology at the best prices, emphasizing both performance and reliability. Stay ahead of the curve with top brands, finding the perfect Gigabyte Graphics Card to elevate your computing experience. Trust Onix Computer for quality, affordability, and a seamless shopping journey in Bangladesh.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 OC 6GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
Save6000 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Powered by GeForce GTX 1660
    • WINDFORCE 2X Cooling System
    • 90 mm unique blade fans
    • Protection backplate
Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 Low Profile 2GB DDR5 Graphics Card
Save730 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Powered by GeForce GT 1030
    • Integrated with 2GB GDDR5 64bit memory
    • Low profile design with 150 mm card length
    • One click overclocking via AORUS Graphics Engine
Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 Low Profile D4 2GB Graphics Card
Save350 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Memory Clock 2100 MHz
    • Resolution 4096 X 2160
    • Size 2GB DDR4
    • DirectX 12
GIGABYTE GeForce GT 730 2GB DDR3 PCI EXPRESS Graphics Card
Save1000 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Integrated with the first 2048MB DDR3 memory
    • Features Dual Link DVI D HDMI D Sub
    • Support PCI Express 2 0 8 bus interface
    • System power supply requirement 300W
Save200 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Integrated with 2048MB GDDR5 memory
    • 64 bit memory interface
    • Features Dual Link DVI D HDMI D Sub
    • Support PCI Express 2 0 8 bus interface
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti D5 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
Save1600 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Integrated with 4GB GDDR5 128bit memory
    • Powered by GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    • 90mm Fan Design
    • Support up to 8K display at 60Hz
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 D6 OC 4GB GDDR6 Graphics Card
Save2291 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • NVIDIA Turing architecture and GeForce Experience
    • Core Clock 1635 MHz
    • 80mm unique blade fan
    • 170 mm compact card size
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 D6 WINDFORCE OC 4G Graphics Card
Save1660 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Powered by GeForce GTX 1650
    • 80 mm unique blade fans
    • WINDFORCE 2X Cooling System
    • Integrated with 4GB GDDR6 128 bit
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC 6GB Graphics Card
Save10900 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Powered by GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
    • Integrated with 6GB GDDR6 192 bit
    • WINDFORCE 2X Cooling System
    • Protection Back Plate
36,000৳ 46,900৳