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Introducing Photocopier

To make duplicate copies of documents or pictures, an office photocopier or machine is needed. To maintain company continuity, distribute information, and maintain records, photocopy machines are essential. Photocopiers duplicate documents effectively by using xerography technology, which uses light to produce an electrostatic picture on a drum, attach toner particles onto paper, and fuse them. These days, photocopiers are a necessary tool in workplaces, schools, and other organizations.

Popular Brands of Photocopier

In Bangladesh, there are a lot of brands that sell Photocopier. You will find Photocopier from various popular brands like RICOHSHARPToshiba , etc at the best prices in BD. 

Types of Photocopier

Photocopy machines come in various types, each offering distinct features to meet different needs. Here are the popular types of photocopiers that you need to know before buying one:

Black And White (Mono) Photocopier

Black toner is used by mono photocopiers, commonly referred to as black and white photocopy machines, to create monochrome copies, which makes them perfect for business settings where color isn't necessary. There are versions that can print up to 150 pages per minute, and their capacities range from low to large volume.

Color Photocopy Machine

Color photocopiers are more versatile in document reproduction than mono photocopiers since they can generate copies in both black and white and color. The CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) toners are used to produce a broad range of color.

Desktop Photocopier

These A4-sized, multifunctional, and stylishly compact copier machines are made to fit comfortably on a desktop. They can be simple or multipurpose, with the possibility to add more trays to increase the amount of paper they can hold.

High-Volume Photocopier

Large-volume photocopiers are essential for businesses that need to make a lot of copies. With a copy speed of up to 50 pages per minute, these photocopiers are perfect for print rooms and reprographics departments.

Network Photocopier

Because network photocopiers link to an organization's network and enable wireless copying, printing, and scanning for several users, they are perfect for shared office settings. Additionally, centralized management and monitoring are provided by these copying machines, increasing productivity.

Laser Photocopier

Laser photocopiers are renowned for their long lifespan and excellent performance. They are also experts in print quality and speed. Over time, laser copying machines prove to be cost-effective despite their initial high cost.

Inkjet Photocopier

Due to their low cost and high efficiency, inkjet photocopiers are perfect for home or small business use. Inkjet photocopiers may have worse print quality and slower copy speeds when compared to laser printers.

Paper Handling and Size

Examine the photocopier's paper handling capabilities, including paper capacity, paper kinds it can handle, and whether it has features that allow for double-sided copies, such as duplex printing. Typically, the photocopier can handle standard paper sizes like letter (8.5" x 11") and legal (8.5" x 14"). However, if you need speciality paper sizes or kinds like envelopes, cardstock, or labels, make sure the machine can handle these.

Speed and Efficiency

Take into account how quickly the copying machine can make copies. A larger workplace with higher printing demands would require a machine with a speed of 40 ppm or more, but a small business might only need a machine with a speed of 20–30 ppm. If you require short turnaround times or have a high volume task, look for models with faster copying and printing rates.

Copy Volume

Find out how much copying your company or organization needs to do each day or each month. Select a photocopy machine whose duty cycle can accommodate your workload without stressing the machine too much. Depending on their anticipated monthly copy requirements, businesses can select photocopiers ranging from high volume (regular copying) to SOHO (occasional use). By choosing the appropriate volume, you can make sure that your photocopier can manage your job effectively without shortening its life.

Quality and Resolution

Take into account the copier machine's print quality and resolution, particularly if you need to create high-quality documents or photographs. A 600 dpi resolution will fine for most ordinary office documents; but, if you're working with graphics or photos, you should think about using a machine with a resolution of 1200 dpi or greater for more detailed copies.

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How do I use a photocopier?

- Most photocopiers follow a similar process: Place the document face down on the glass platen, select the desired number of copies, adjust settings if needed (e.g., copy size, color/black and white), and press the start button.

Can I copy double-sided documents on a photocopier?

- Yes, many photocopiers offer automatic duplex printing, which flips the page automatically to copy on both sides.

Can I enlarge or reduce the size of a copy on a photocopier?

- Yes, most photocopiers allow you to scale documents to different sizes (e.g., zoom in or out).

How do I copy a thick book or document that won't lie flat?

- Some photocopiers have document feeders that automatically scan pages one at a time. Alternatively, consider using a document Photocopier for thick items.

What are some running costs associated with a photocopier?

- Consider the cost of toner/ink cartridges and routine maintenance.

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