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MaxGreen B6KS/L 6kVA Online UPS

MaxGreen B6KS/L 6kVA Online UPS Specification
Main Feature
  • Capacity: 6KVA
  • Display Type: LED display work status and fault indicator, CD display single phase input voltage, input frequency, single-phase output voltage, load, battery voltage, etc
  • Load Capacity: 110%~129% full load keep 10min, 130%~150% load keep 60s
  • Output Voltage: 165~275 Vac
  • Frequency (Battery Mode): 45~66 Hz Automatically select synchronization range according to grid frequency
  • Noise Level: <60(within 1 meter)
  • Battery: 16*7Ah 12V/External
  • Alarm: Battery low-voltage, mains abnormal, overload, UPS fault, over temperature protection
Output Features
  • Backup Time: Standard time is 10min/ Long backup time can be extended freely
1 Year Warranty

MaxGreen B6KS/L 6kVA Online UPS Price in Bangladesh

The MaxGreen series UPS guarantee total protection for powers ranging from 6kVA against any anomaly in the mains electricity network during their operation. The MaxGreen B6KS/L 6kVA Online UPS includes active input PFC rectifier (Power Factor Corrector) and makes use of the advantages of PWM technology with IGTBs to obtain equipment with high technology features. With On-Line Double Conversion technology, the supply voltage to loads is provided in each case via the inverter stage with galvanic isolation. Advanced PWM Technology allows a voltage and current adjusted signal to be available at each moment in time, free of harmonics, noises, and interferences. Information on the status of the system is presented locally by means of LED signaling and an LCD screen with different menus. Information on the unit can also be managed remotely through its powerful software.

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