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Sapphire CPU Cooler Price in BD

The Sapphire CPU Cooler is a high-performance cooling solution designed to efficiently manage thermal output while maintaining optimal operating temperatures for your processor. With a compact and sleek design, it employs an array of heat pipes and a fin stack to dissipate heat effectively. Its direct-contact heat pipe technology ensures swift heat transfer, enhancing cooling efficiency. The cooler's quiet fan operates with precision, delivering robust airflow without excessive noise. Engineered for compatibility with various CPU socket types, the Sapphire CPU Cooler offers easy installation. Its durable construction and reliable performance make it an excellent choice for users seeking efficient and quiet thermal management for their systems.

Best Sapphire CPU Cooler Price in Bangladesh

Sapphire CPU Cooler Fan With The Best Price in BD.Sapphire is a well-known brand in the computer hardware industry, and they offer a variety of products to meet the needs of PC enthusiasts and gamers. One of their popular products is the Sapphire CPU Cooler Fan, which is designed to keep your CPU cool during intense gaming sessions and other demanding tasks.Onix BD Providing you the best  Sapphire Cpu Cooler. Which is your Computer Processor keep very Cool. You can buy any Branded Cpu Cooler at the Lowest Price In Bangladesh. Explore our Casing Fan today and find the perfect product for you! We are expanding our product range as well as improving our best quality. We offer the best selection of quality products that you can purchase from our online shop.   


  • Advanced Heat Dissipation: Utilizes a combination of heat pipes and fin stack design to efficiently dissipate heat away from the CPU.
  • Direct-Contact Heat Pipes: Enhanced thermal conductivity through direct contact with the CPU surface, facilitating rapid heat transfer.
  • Quiet Operation: Equipped with a precision-engineered fan that delivers substantial airflow while maintaining low noise levels, ensuring a quieter computing experience.
  • Compact and Sleek Design: Aesthetically pleasing and space-saving design that fits easily into various computer builds without compromising performance.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to support compatibility with a wide range of CPU socket types, ensuring versatility and ease of installation across different systems.
  • Durable Construction: Built with robust materials for longevity and reliability, offering sustained cooling performance over extended periods.
  • Efficient Cooling Performance: Maintains optimal CPU operating temperatures even under heavy loads or overclocking scenarios, ensuring stable and consistent performance.
  • Easy Installation: Designed with user-friendly installation mechanisms for hassle-free setup, making it accessible for both novice and experienced users.

Best Sapphire CPU Cooler at Onix BD

Sapphire Nitro+ S240-A ARGB 240mm All In One Liquid Cooler

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Sapphire CPU Cooler Price in Bangladesh 2024

Sapphire CPU Cooler prices in Bangladesh for 2024 at Onix Computer. Uncover a diverse range of Sapphire CPU Cooler tailored to various needs .Onix Computer begins at BDT 12,500৳ and can go up to BDT 12,500৳ depending on the brand and specifications With a variety of 1 items available at Onix Computer. Onix Computer ensures you access the latest technology at the best prices, emphasizing both performance and reliability. Stay ahead of the curve with top brands, finding the perfect Sapphire CPU Cooler to elevate your computing experience. Trust Onix Computer for quality, affordability, and a seamless shopping journey in Bangladesh.

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    • Supported Sockets: AMD AM4, Intel LGA 115X 1200/ 20XX LGA 1700
    • NITRO Hybrid Fan Blade Design
    • ARGB on Pump Cap and Radiator Fans
    • Adjustable Pump and Fan Speeds
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