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Onix Computer System is one of the best desktop provider shop in Bangladesh. We offer computer and computer parts at the best price in BD and we have the best prices around. We have everything you need to build or upgrade your PC, including motherboards, processors, graphics cards, Desktop Ram, Laptop Ram, Casing and more. We have collected the top desktop price list available in Bangladesh for your daily needs. You can buy more Desktops, Keyboards and Mouse from Onix BD in Bangladesh anytime anywhere at the lowest prices. Our extensive price list allows you to choose the best desktop to suit your needs. Since online stores run sales and discounts on an almost regular basis and not all sites offer the same deals, desktop prices vary from site to site. To help you overcome this problem, we update our desktop prices frequently. This ensures that you are aware of which website is offering you the best deals. Find our regular offers and choose your best desktop from our website.

Desktop PC price in Bangladesh

A desktop PC is a personal computer that can be used in a fixed location for daily work. A desktop PC usually refers to a combination of Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and a CPU. With which all kinds of work can be done. Now there are different types of desktop PCs in Bangladesh based on different functions and price range. But OnixBD provides you with the top Desktop PCs to buy at the most reasonable price in Bangladesh.

How to choose a desktop PC?

Selecting the right desktop computer is very important for the best performance. It is a matter of playing to your strengths to choose a best desktop Computer. First, think about what you need the computer to do to make your day better. As a gamer, for example, you'd probably need a high-end graphics card. If you need to analyze hundreds of thousands of rows in a single spreadsheet, you'll likely want upgraded memory. If you don't already have a monitor, look at an all-in-one desktop computer. To make your setup more minimalist, opt for a wireless keyboard and mouse. If you have a printer, you'll need to determine if it connects wirelessly or if you need a specific port on the computer to make it compatible.

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OnixBD is one of the most popular computer and computer retail stores in Bangladesh. Considering every customer's preference, OnixBD has come up with the widest and most diverse collection of technology-related products. OnixBD is also considered as the most popular e-commerce for buying computer and electronic products. OnixBD offers all types of desktops at the lowest prices in BD. Also we offer desktop at best price in Bangladesh. You can choose the best desktop for your budget from our website and place your order easily. We are always ready to deliver your desired product to your home or any district of Bangladesh.

HP Pavilion 27-ca1689d Core i7 12th Gen Touchscreen All-in-One PC
Save12850 ৳
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HP Pavilion 27-ca1689d Core i7 12th Gen All-in-One PCThe HP Pavilion 27-ca1689d Core i7 12th Gen All-in-One PC has a 27" FHD(1920 x1080) Non-Touch Antiglare IPS Display. This PC contains an Intel Core..
157,500৳ 170,350৳