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Main Feature
Capacity 1KVA
Input Voltage 115~300VAC
Output Voltage 220VAC
Battery Sealed, Maintenance free, Lead-Acid
Input Features
Frequency 46-54Hz±0.2Hz(Line Mode)
Power Factor 0.7
Output Features
Voltage Range 60~138VAC/115~300VAC
Power Factor 0.97
Physical Specification
Dimension 145*400*220 W×D×H (Mm)
Weight 14/7 Kg
Warranty Information
Warranty 1 Year

APOLLO (2100HS) 1KVA UPS Price in Bangladesh

Apollo 1kVA Online UPS comes with Single Phase intake power from 115Vac ~ 300VAC, DSP control technology with input power factor of>0.97 ( Full Cargo). The Apollo series UPS are furnishing high performance power force systems with Single Phase input and Single Phase affair and galvanic insulation by high performance inverter affair motor designed to supply high- quality power on a endless base. In this Online UPS advanced diagnostics and unit information allow druggies to cover system parameters and admonitions, check the status of the battery and give access to the history of events through the system software ormulti-language screen. This new Apollo series Online UPS features with On- line UPS double conversion, Single Phase, input/ Single Phase affair, DSP control technology, Galvanic sequestration by affair motor, Reduced harmonious deformation, RFI sludge, Acoustic and luminous signalling. This UPS Reduced harmonious deformation of affair signal. This Online UPS also comes with High effectiveness, Affair power factor0.7 , Software included for System Monitoring. In this online UPS, the Extended battery accessories available.

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