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ZkTeco ZK-D3180S Walk Through 18 Zones Metal Detector

Access Control specification
Dimension ●︎ Standard External Size: 2220mm(H)*835mm(W)*578mm
●︎ Standard Internal Size: 1990mm(H)*700mm(W)*578mm(D)
Operating Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Power Supply AC100V-240V
Weight 70kg

ZkTeco ZK-D3180S Walk Through 18 Zones Metal Detector

ZKTeco ZK-D3180S walk through metal archway detector has 18 detecting zones, 256 sensitivity level and 0-255 adjustable, simultaneous alarm from multi zones, 5.7 inch LCD screen, infrared remote control, sound and LED alarm, automatically count passengers and alarm times, alarm strength indicator on control panel, password protection, easy assembly, harmless to human body, fireproof material.

● Program Self-Diagnostic

● Count Statistics Of Alarms And People

● Eighteen Mutual Over-Lapping Detecting Zones

● Infrared Remote Control

● Password Protection

● Each Zone Has 256 Sensitivity Level

● 5.7 Inch LCD Screen, Both Side LED Indicator

● Password Protection

● Easy Assembly

● Harmless To Human Body E.G. Heart Pacemaker And Pregnant Women

● Fireproof Material

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