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Intel Budget PC available at Best Price

Intel Desktop computers are built with an Intel Processor as the brainpower of the computer. Intel is the top manufacturer of CPUs for desktop computers. With an Intel inside, you have the power of innovation and connectivity in your hand. Intel PC gives you the ultimate processing ability to create and amaze the world. Get Intel Desktop PCs for the best price in Bangladesh from the wide range of PCs at Onix Computer. Try out our PC Builder to build a custom Intel PC of your choice.

Intel Budget PC for whom?

  • Entry-Level Users: Intel budget PCs are perfect for individuals seeking basic computing tasks like web browsing, email, and document editing at an affordable price point.
  • Students: With budget-friendly Intel PCs, students can access educational resources, complete assignments, and engage in online learning without straining their finances.
  • Small Businesses: Intel budget PCs offer reliable performance for small business operations such as administrative tasks, accounting, and customer management, providing cost-effective solutions for entrepreneurs.
  • Casual Gamers: While not optimized for high-end gaming, Intel budget PCs can still handle casual gaming and entertainment, allowing users to enjoy lighter titles and indie games without investing in expensive hardware.

Intel Desktop PC For Gaming & Intense Computing

In the modern world, Intel is alone as the leader in CPU clock speed. An unlocked CPU may process data at an excessive rate by overclocking. The Intel UHD Graphics, when combined with Intel's integrated graphics processor, offers infinite graphical possibilities. Unimaginable power may be unleashed by your Intel PC when combined with a dedicated GPU.

The opportunity to include all of the newest next-generation computing technology is provided by Intel desktop computers. With every interface and protocol available, Intel PCs have the ability to expand their peripherals. Anything that an Intel PC can connect to, whether it is PCIe Gen 5.0, M.2 NVMe, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, Thunderbolt 4, or WiFi6, is compatible.

Intel Computers Serve Real-Life Purposes

Intel-powered desktop computers meet your daily needs. You have the appropriate tool for the job when the processor is an Intel CPU, whether you're editing material or creating or playing games. We have Intel PCs to suit your everyday needs, whether they are in business, education, or production. For the money, Intel PCs offer the finest performance.

Intel offers the Celeron, Pentium, Core, and Xeon series of processors. These days, all CPUs begin at dual core. The Pentium and Celeron series of processors is extremely cost-effective and power-efficient. Although they meet the demand for consumer-grade performance, Intel Core desktop computers should not be used carelessly. Desktops with Core i5, i7, and i9 CPUs are capable of handling demanding creative workloads and rendering.

Buying Guidelines for Intel Budget PC Build


An essential part of a PC build is the Central Processing Unit (CPU), which runs the applications and computer's operating system. When exploring CPU options, consider the core count and clock speed. A higher core count is beneficial for multitasking and resource-intensive tasks, while faster clock speeds are best for single-core performance, which is critical for gaming and particular applications.


GPU impacts how quickly graphics render on the computer, so gamers and graphic designers should invest in a good GPU. Pay attention to VRAM capacity as they directly impact graphics processing capabilities.


A motherboard is the center of the computer system, linking all hardware components to the processor while distributing power from the power supply. It facilitates the integration of storage devices, memory modules, and graphics cards, as well as accommodates expansion cards to enhance a PC's capabilities. As the backbone of the computer, the motherboard's role is to maintain smooth communication and optimal performance for the entire setup. When selecting a motherboard, make sure it is compatible with the CPU and GPU.

Memory (RAM)

The memory, or RAM, determines the PC's short-term memory speed. While shopping for RAM, most people may not need the largest amount available, but modern applications do demand more memory. Choose the optimal RAM type and speed, and, based on the motherboard's capabilities, decide between dual-channel and single-channel configurations.


Two main types of PC storage are SSD and HDD. SSD or Solid State Drive is best for storing operation systems, gaming applications, and frequently used files. An HDD or Hard Disk Drive is ideal for storing extra data like photographs and videos and is generally cheaper than SSDs. Typically, though, SSDs are more efficient and lightweight than HDDs.

Power Supply

This hardware device is what will give the PC the energy to run. Shopping for the best power supply means calculating the power requirements for the build and choosing a power supply with the correct wattage and connectivity options. Other elements to pay attention to are energy efficiency and certification for cost savings in the long run.


The case of the PC holds all the individual parts together, which can help with cable management to bring together a clean, visually appealing build. Selecting a case is not only an aesthetic choice but also means finding something with adequate airflow and cooling options.

What are some recommended Intel-compatible Budget PC peripherals?

Think about adding inexpensive, high-quality peripherals to a budget PC system that is compatible with Intel. Choose more affordable keyboards, such as the Logitech K380 or HP K1500 , which offer dependable typing experiences. Affordably priced mice with accurate tracking and ergonomic features are the Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse and the Logitech M330 Silent Plus . Asus VS228H-P and Acer SB220Q are two inexpensive monitors with respectable display quality for daily usage. Furthermore, inexpensive headsets with respectable audio quality and comfort for gaming and multimedia duties are the HyperX Cloud Stinger and Corsair HS35 .

Best Intel Budget PC Shop in Bangladesh From Onix Computer

Onix Computer stands as Bangladesh's largest retail destination for DesktopLaptopMonitorUPSNetworkingTabletGadget, and Gaming. Visit any of our branches for unbeatable deals on your preferred Intel Budget PC. Additionally, our extensive range of products and services is available on the Onix Computer online store. Choose from a variety of payment methods and enjoy hassle-free EMI options. Our delivery network spans across Bangladesh, ensuring nationwide coverage. Shop with us for convenience, reliability, and exceptional value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What processor is recommended for an Intel budget PC?

A: An Intel Core i3 or Pentium processor is typically recommended for cost-effective performance in budget PC builds.

Q: How much RAM should I get for my Intel budget PC?

A: Aim for at least 8GB of DDR4 RAM to ensure smooth multitasking and overall system responsiveness without exceeding budget constraints.

Q: Can I upgrade components in an Intel budget PC?

A: Yes, many Intel budget PCs allow for component upgrades, such as adding more RAM, upgrading storage, or installing a dedicated graphics card for improved performance.

Q: What type of storage is suitable for an Intel budget PC?

A: Consider using a combination of an SSD for faster boot times and application loading, supplemented by a larger HDD for additional storage capacity at a lower cost.

Q: Are integrated graphics sufficient for an Intel budget PC?

A: Integrated graphics are suitable for basic computing tasks, but if you plan to engage in gaming or multimedia activities, consider investing in a dedicated graphics card for improved performance.

Intel Budget PC Build Price in Bangladesh 2024

Intel Budget PC Build prices in Bangladesh for 2024 at Onix Computer. Uncover a diverse range of Intel Budget PC Build tailored to various needs .Onix Computer begins at BDT 0৳ and can go up to BDT 0৳ depending on the brand and specifications With a variety of 0 items available at Onix Computer. Onix Computer ensures you access the latest technology at the best prices, emphasizing both performance and reliability. Stay ahead of the curve with top brands, finding the perfect Intel Budget PC Build to elevate your computing experience. Trust Onix Computer for quality, affordability, and a seamless shopping journey in Bangladesh.

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