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C-Data FD511G-X-F680 Single Port XPON ONU

C-Data FD511G-X-F680 Single Port XPON ONU
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C-Data FD511G-X-F680 Single Port XPON ONU
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  • Model: FD511G-X-F680
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Key Features

    • EPON and XPON two modes access
    • Receiving sensitivity: XPON: -28dBm;Epon: -27dBm
    • DC Power Supply: 12V/0.5A
    • Third-party OLT support
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C-Data FD511G-X-F680 Single Port XPON ONU

The C-Data FD511G-X-F680 Single Port XPON ONU is a high-performance Optical Network Unit designed to facilitate high-speed internet access in fiber-optic networks. As part of the FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) ecosystem, this ONU serves as the endpoint device, receiving optical signals from the service provider and converting them into usable data for connected devices.With its single port design, this ONU ensures efficient connectivity for residential or small-scale business users. It's compatible with GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) or EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) technologies, allowing versatile deployment in various network environments.This ONU boasts robust features to support reliable and fast internet connectivity. Its optical port interfaces with the fiber-optic network infrastructure, delivering high-speed data transmission, low latency, and stable connections. The Ethernet port(s) provide seamless integration with end-user devices, such as routers, computers, or smart home equipment.Featuring advanced protocols and management capabilities, the FD511G-X-F680 offers enhanced security, Quality of Service (QoS) for prioritizing traffic, and remote management options for network administrators. This ensures a smooth and secure user experience while allowing service providers to efficiently manage and troubleshoot network operations.Compact in design and typically wall-mountable, this ONU suits environments where space is a consideration, such as apartments or small offices. Its reliability, compatibility with industry-standard protocols, and adherence to quality assurance standards make it a trusted solution for delivering high-speed broadband services over fiber optics.

C-Data FD511G-X-F680 Single Port XPON ONU is a dual mode Optical Network Unit supporting both EPON and XPON modes access. The ONU automatically switches into the corresponding PON mode by identifying the local OLT mode to complete xpon or EPON adaptive access. The FD511G-X-F680 dual-mode ONU supports both EPON and xpon two modes of access. The ONU automatically switches into the corresponding PON mode by identifying the local OLT mode to complete xpon or EPON adaptive access. It has good third-party compatibility to work with the third-party OLT, such as Huawei,ZTE,BDCOM/Vi-sol. It also support ONU auto-discovery,Link detectiona and remote upgrade of the firmware software.


  • High-Speed Connectivity: The ONU features 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) auto-negotiation RJ45 port for lightning-fast data transmission.
  • Versatile Network Support: It is compatible with both EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) and XPON (10-Gigabit PON) standards, providing flexibility in network deployment.
  • Outstanding Receiving Sensitivity (EPON): With a receiving sensitivity of -27dBm for EPON, it can maintain a reliable connection even in demanding network conditions.
  • Exceptional Receiving Sensitivity (XPON): It offers a remarkable -28dBm receiving sensitivity for XPON, ensuring a robust and stable network connection.
  • Compact Design: The ONU's compact and sleek design makes it easy to install discreetly in various settings.
  • Plug-and-Play Installation: Setting up the device is a breeze, thanks to its plug-and-play design, which simplifies the installation process.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: It operates on a 12V/0.5A power supply, which not only reduces power consumption but also minimizes environmental impact.
  • Robust Security: The ONU incorporates advanced security features to protect your network from unauthorized access and potential threats.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): It supports QoS features, allowing you to prioritize and optimize network traffic for different applications and devices.
  • Remote Management: Easily manage and monitor the ONU remotely, enabling efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Wide Temperature Range: This ONU can operate in a broad temperature range, ensuring its reliability in various environmental conditions.
  • LED Indicators: The front panel includes LED indicators for power, link status, and activity, providing at-a-glance information on the device's status.
  • Support for Multiple Devices: Connect multiple devices to the ONU simultaneously, ensuring seamless connectivity for all your wired devices.
  • Advanced Error Correction: The ONU features error correction mechanisms to ensure data integrity and minimal packet loss.
  • Reliable Performance: Backed by C-Data's reputation for reliability, this ONU delivers consistent and dependable performance, meeting the demands of modern network users.


  • Single Ethernet Port: The C-Data FD511G-X-F680 comes with a single Gigabit Ethernet port that enables users to connect a single device to the internet.
  • XPON Technology: The XPON technology used in the C-Data FD511G-X-F680 provides users with high-speed internet connectivity, low latency, and long-distance transmission capabilities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The C-Data FD511G-X-F680 comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to install and set up the device.
  • Advanced Security: The C-Data FD511G-X-F680 offers advanced security features such as MAC address filtering, firewall protection, and AES encryption to ensure the privacy and safety of user data.
  • Compact Design: The C-Data FD511G-X-F680 has a compact design that makes it easy to install in small spaces.

cdata f680

The C-data FD511G-E-F680 Single Port EPON ONU designed EPON optical network unit. The ONU supports auto-adapting data transmission speeds of 10/100/1000Mbps. The FD511G-E-F680 has 1GE Auto-negotiation RJ45 ports and an EPON receiving sensitivity of -27dBn. This ONU is fully IEEE802 compliant.EPON's standard protocol is 3ah. The ONU is an ideal transmission solution with service-supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment. It works well with third-party OLTs such as Huawei/Tenda/TP-Link/ZTE and others. It is powered by a 12V/0.5A DC power adapter with a 3W power consumption.

C-Data FD511G-X-F680 Single Port XPON ONU Performance

The C-Data FD511G-X-F680 Single Port XPON ONU ensures high-speed data transmission in fiber-optic networks. With its single port design and compatibility with GPON or EPON technologies, it provides reliable connectivity for residential or small business users. Delivering low latency and stable connections, this ONU supports fast internet access, adhering to industry standards for efficient data transmission in FTTH environments.

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