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Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)

Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)
Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)
Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)
Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)
Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)
Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)
Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)
  • Stock: Discontinued
  • Brand: Asus
  • Model: ROG Hyperion GR701
  • Product ID: 6222

Key Features

    • Motherboard Support EATX ATX Micro ATX Mini ITX
    • Tempered Glass Left Side Right Side
    • Aura Sync RGB Lighting
    • Advanced IO Panel
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Key Features
Type Mid Tower
Expansion Slots 4
Tempered Glass Panel Left Side, Right Side
Motherboard Support EATX (12"X10.9") M
External Features
Front Ports Front I/O Port
1 x headphone / Microphone
4 x USB 3.2Gen1
1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C
LED Control Button
Reset Button
1 x USB 4.0 Type C or 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type C
Radiator Support Front: 120 mm, 140 mm, 240 mm, 280 mm, 360 mm, 420 mm
Top: 120 mm, 140 mm, 240 mm, 280 mm, 360 mm , 420
Rear: 120 mm, 140 mm
Fan Support Front: 3 x 120 mm, 2 x 140 mm
Top: 3 x 120 mm, 3 x 140 mm
Rear: 1 x 120 mm, 1 x 140 mm
Pre- Installed Fans Front: 3 x 140 mm Rear: 1 x 140 mm
Drive Bays 5 x 2.5" Bay 2 x 2.5"/3.5" Combo Bay
Physical Specification
Dimension 250 X 565 X 591 Mm (WxDxH)
Weight 18 Kg

Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White)

The Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case is a high-performance and visually stunning computer case designed specifically for gamers and PC enthusiasts. With its sleek and futuristic design, this case not only provides excellent functionality but also adds a touch of style to any gaming setup. One of the standout features of the Asus ROG Hyper GR701 is its customizable RGB lighting system. The case comes equipped with addressable RGB LED strips on the front panel and inside the case, allowing users to create dazzling lighting effects and personalize their gaming experience. The lighting can be easily controlled and synchronized with other compatible Asus Aura Sync devices, enabling users to achieve a cohesive and immersive lighting setup. In terms of functionality, the Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 offers ample space and excellent cooling capabilities. It supports ATX motherboards and has enough room to accommodate high-end graphics cards, multiple storage drives, and liquid cooling solutions. The case features a tempered glass side panel that not only showcases the internal components but also provides easy access for maintenance and upgrades. To ensure optimal airflow and cooling performance, the case includes three pre-installed 120mm fans at the front and one 120mm fan at the rear. Additionally, offers extensive support for additional fans and radiators, allowing users to further enhance the cooling capabilities of their system. The Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 also prioritizes cable management with its thoughtful design. It features multiple cable routing options and Velcro straps keep cables organized and out of sight, resulting in a clean and clutter-free interior. Furthermore, the case offers convenient connectivity options with its front I/O panel, which includes USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.0, and audio ports. This allows users to easily connect their peripherals and accessories without having to reach around the back of their system. Overall, the Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case combines style, functionality, and performance to provide gamers with a top-of-the-line case that not only protects their valuable components but also enhances their gaming experience with stunning RGB lighting effects.


  • Tempered Glass Panels: The GR701 features tempered glass panels on both the left and right sides, providing a clear view of your gaming rig's interior components. This allows for a showcase of your hardware and RGB lighting in style.
  • Versatile Mid Tower Design: Classified as a Mid Tower case, the GR701 strikes a balance between spaciousness and a compact form factor. This design caters to a broad range of gaming configurations while ensuring a manageable size for various setups.
  • EATX and Multi-Motherboard Support: The case supports various motherboard form factors, including EATX (Extended ATX - 12" x 10.9"), ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX, offering compatibility with a diverse range of gaming and enthusiast motherboards.
  • Stylish Black and White Aesthetics: With a sleek black and white color scheme, the GR701 exudes a stylish and modern aesthetic. This color combination provides versatility, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into different gaming setups.
  • Robust Construction and Weight: Weighing 20.8 kg, the GR701 is built with durability in mind. Its robust construction ensures the protection of your components while providing stability for the overall gaming system.
  • Front I/O Port with Extensive Connectivity: The front I/O port includes 1 headphone/microphone jack, 4 USB 3.2 Gen1 ports, 1 USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, an LED control button, and a reset button. Additionally, it supports either 1 USB 4.0 Type-C or 1 USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C, offering extensive connectivity options.
  • Ample Expansion Slots: The case comes with 9 expansion slots, providing flexibility for multi-GPU setups and expansion cards. It also features 3 additional vertical expansion slots for vertical GPU mounting, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Versatile Fan Support: The GR701 supports various fan configurations, including front support for 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans, top support for 3 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm fans, and rear support for 1 x 120mm or 1 x 140mm fan. This versatile fan support ensures efficient cooling for gaming components.
  • Drive Bay Flexibility: With 5 x 2.5" bays and 2 x 2.5"/3.5" combo bays, the case offers flexibility in storage configurations, accommodating both SSDs and HDDs based on your storage needs.
  • PSU Compatibility and Clearance Spaces: The GR701 supports power supply units (PSUs) up to 220mm in length. It provides ample clearance space with a maximum CPU cooler height of 190mm and a maximum graphics card length of 460mm, allowing compatibility with high-performance cooling solutions and large GPUs.
  • USB 4.0 and RGB LED Control: The front I/O panel features a USB 4.0 Type-C port or 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C port, providing ultra-fast data transfer capabilities. The LED control button allows users to customize RGB lighting effects within the case.
  • No Specified Manufacturing Warranty: It's important to note that the GR701 comes with no specified manufacturing warranty, and users are encouraged to verify warranty details from the manufacturer.

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The Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White) is Discontinued now. You can buy the Asus ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB ATX Gaming Case (White) at the best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms When the product is available.