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Asus AC02 ROG Gaming Keycap Set

Physical Specification
Color ROG Red / Gun-Metal Grey
Dimension 131 X 90 X 25 Mm (Color Box)
Weight 13 G
Warranty Information
Warranty 1 year

Asus AC02 ROG Gaming Keycap Set

The Asus AC02 ROG Gaming Keycap Set is a pristine grade keyboard keycaps from Asus. Asus is targeting gamers to provide them with the best of the best products for improved gaming and comfort. Besides comfort, Asus also strives to make a mark esthetically on all their products. The Asus AC02 ROG Keycap Set is made with top quality materials to provide users with efficient dexterity movements and also can easily be place in the specific keyboards. The stylish design and texture helps gamers always know the right keys to press while gaming and play with their full concentration.


Level-up your mechanical gaming keyboard with the ROG Gaming Keycap Set. Seven textured keycaps let you easily identify the vital FPS and MOBA gaming keys, and a ROG-red, metallic 3D keycap adds a premium touch. Compatible with Cherry MX switches, the set also includes a keycap-puller tool for easy installation. A coarse-textured finish helps you instantly distinguish the FPS and MOBA keys without taking your eyes off the action. The durable coating adds extra grip to enhance control, while the design is fine-tuned to deliver the same consistent typing force as regular PBT keycaps.


Cast in ROG-red and finished on the top with a diamond-cut 3D ROG logo, the luxury metal-alloy keycap is destined to be the showpiece. The textured, side-lit keycaps let RGB lighting shine through the surrounding cyber patterns. And positioned together, they reveal the ROG logo emblazoned across the seven keycaps. ROG Gaming Keycap Set is compatible with Cherry MX switches, so it’s ready-made for a wide variety of mechanical gaming keyboards. We’ve even included a keycap-puller tool, so upgrading your keyboard is a breeze.

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