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Power supply price in bd

Onix is one of the best Power supply seller companies in Bangladesh.Onix BD provided different quality power supplies In keeping with the best price.Onix BD provided different type of brand power supply 1STPLAYERAigo, Antec, Aptech, Asus, Cooler Master,Corsair, DeepcoolDelux, Gamdias, Gigabyte,MSINZXTSeasonicThermaltakeThunderboltValue TopXIGMATEK.

Power Supply

A power supply is an electrical device that converts input electrical energy into the appropriate output voltage, current, and frequency required to power electronic devices and systems. It serves as a critical component in various applications, ensuring that electronic components receive the necessary power to function reliably.

Power supply price in Bangladesh 2023

ATX power supplies are the most common type of power supply. They are used in most desktop computers. ATX power supplies have a standard set of connectors that fit into most motherboards. BTX power supplies are smaller and more efficient than ATX power supplies. They are used in some high-end desktop computers and servers. ITX power supplies are the smallest type of power supply. They are used in some small form factor computers and embedded systems.

Power supplies are rated by the maximum amount of power they can output. The wattage rating is the most important number to look at when choosing a power supply. The wattage rating must be greater than the power consumption of the entire computer system. Most power supplies have a +12V rail for the CPU and other components. The +12V rail is the most important rail for modern computers. The +12V rail must be able to deliver enough current to power the CPU and other components.

When choosing a power supply, it is important to consider the wattage rating, the +12V rail, and the type of power supply. ATX, BTX, and ITX power supplies are the three main types of power supplies. ATX power supplies are the most common type of power supply. BTX power supplies are smaller and more efficient than ATX power supplies. ITX power supplies are the smallest type of power supply.

Cleanest Power for Your Desktop PC from Antec, Gamdias, Gigabyte, Corsair, and More

The power supply is a compulsory component for gaming PC or even for normal CPUs. Among the brands you will find exclusive Antec, Corsair, Gamdias, and for quality budget brand MaxGreen. Considering the capacity, we introduce from 350w to 1000w of Bronze, Gold & Platinum Modular, Semi- Modular & Full Modular all the variables of power supplies.

Types of Power Supplies:

  • Linear Power Supplies: These provide a steady output voltage based on the input voltage and a voltage regulation circuit. They are simple and relatively inexpensive but less efficient and generate more heat compared to other types.
  • Switching Power Supplies: These are more efficient and lightweight than linear power supplies. They use high-frequency switching to regulate the output voltage. Switching power supplies are commonly used in various electronic devices and are capable of handling a wide range of input voltages.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): UPS systems provide backup power during electrical outages. They usually contain batteries that can provide power for a limited period, allowing connected devices to shut down properly or continue running until power is restored.

Components of a Power Supply:

  1. Transformer: In AC-to-DC power supplies, a transformer is used to step down the voltage from the main power source.
  2. Rectifier: Converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).
  3. Voltage Regulator: Maintains a constant output voltage despite fluctuations in input voltage or load.
  4. Filtering Capacitors: Smooths out the output voltage by reducing ripple.
  5. Switching Transistors (for Switching Power Supplies): These control the switching action to regulate the output voltage.

Power Supply Models Available At Onix

Budget Friendly

  1. Aigo VK450-450Watt Black Power Supply
  2. Corsair RM Series RM650 650W Power Supply
  3. Thermaltake Smart BM1 500W 80 Plus Power Supply


  1. Cooler Master MWE 750W Bronze V2 230V 80 Plus Power Supply
  2. Antec VP650 Plus 650W Non Modular Power Supply
  3. DeepCool PK750D 750 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply


  1. Deepcool DQ750M-V3L Full Modular 750W 80 Plus Gold Certified Power Supply
  2. Corsair RM1000e Fully Modular Low-Noise ATX Power Supply
  3. Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Full Modular ARGB 850W Power Supply With Digital Options

Power Supply performance

The performance of a power supply refers to how well it meets the required specifications and functions within its intended operating conditions. Several key factors contribute to the performance of a power supply, ensuring that it provides reliable and stable power to connected electronic devices. Here are some important aspects of power supply performance:

  • Voltage Regulation: One of the primary functions of a power supply is to maintain a consistent output voltage regardless of changes in the input voltage or load. Good voltage regulation ensures that the connected devices receive the required voltage, preventing damage or malfunction.
  • Output Ripple and Noise: Output voltage should be free from significant fluctuations or noise that could affect the performance of sensitive electronic components. Effective filtering and regulation mechanisms minimize output ripple and noise.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency is the ratio of output power to input power and is usually expressed as a percentage. A more efficient power supply converts a higher percentage of input power into usable output power, minimizing energy wastage and heat generation.
  • Load Regulation: Load regulation measures how well the power supply maintains a stable output voltage as the load (current draw) varies. A power supply with good load regulation ensures consistent performance across different load conditions.
  • Transient Response: Transients are sudden changes in load or input voltage. A power supply with good transient response can quickly adjust its output voltage to counteract these changes, ensuring that connected devices are not adversely affected.
  • Temperature Performance: The power supply's performance should be consistent across its specified temperature range. Extreme temperatures can impact its efficiency, voltage regulation, and overall reliability.
  • Start-Up Behavior: How the power supply behaves during start-up, including any overshoot or undershoot in output voltage, is important to prevent damage to connected devices.
  • Short-Circuit and Overload Protection: A well-performing power supply should have built-in protection mechanisms that prevent damage in case of short circuits or excessive load.
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): This is a measure of the average time a power supply is expected to operate between failures. A longer MTBF indicates higher reliability.
  • Line and Load Regulation: Line regulation measures how well the output voltage maintains its set value as the input voltage varies. Load regulation measures how well the output voltage remains constant as the load changes.
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC): Power factor correction circuits improve the power supply's efficiency and reduce harmonic distortion, which is important for complying with energy efficiency standards and minimizing interference with other devices.

Power Supply  Features:

  • Input voltage type (AC or DC) and range
  • Efficiency of power conversion
  • The amount of voltage and current it can supply to its load
  • How stable its output voltage or current is under varying line and load conditions
  • How long it can supply energy without refueling or recharging (applies to power supplies that employ portable energy sources)
  • Operating and storage temperature ranges
  • Output is constant voltage type or constant current type

The Right PSU Improves Your Computer's Performance

When putting together server power supplies, consider the needs of the PCs connected to the system. The computer wattage should equal or equal to the amount of power required by all your PC components, and you can use simple online tools to calculate this value. You only need to input the model of your CPU, GPU, motherboard, and other computer accessories, and these tools automatically calculate the minimum wattage you need. Using a computer power supply with a slightly higher wattage than needed protects your components. The PSU runs at less than its maximum capacity, preventing overheating inside the computer case. Higher wattage computer power supplies let you upgrade your CPU or GPU in the future without worrying about power consumption. A PSU only consumes the amount of electricity your computer components use, so you won't have to worry about electric bills, even if you choose a model with a higher wattage. If you have a limited budget, choose a refurbished power supply with the same performance as a brand-new one at a lower price point.

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power supply review:

Value-Top VT-S200C Real 200W ATX Power Supply with Flat Cable
Save200 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
  • Cable Length: 450mm (approx.)
  • Color: Box Packing
  • Power output: 200W
  • Protection features: OVP, UVP, OCP, SCP, OTP
1,100৳ 1,300৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
  • Series: VT
  • Maximum Power:300W
  • SATA Connector: 1 x SATA & 1 x SATA + SATA
  • Type: ATX
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
  • PSU Category : Non Modular
  • Type :ATX
  • Maximum Power:500 Watt
  • Efficiency : Unmentioned
  • Efficiency Rating :Unmentioned
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
  • Series: VT
  • Fan size;120mm
  • Maximum Power:350W
  • Response Time: 0.5 Ms (MPRT)