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Power Supply Price in BD

A power supply unit (PSU) is a crucial component in a computer, converting electrical power from a wall outlet into usable power for the PC's internal components. It delivers stable voltage and current to ensure proper functioning of the CPU, GPU, motherboard, and other hardware. PSUs come in various wattages, catering to different system requirements, and they feature connectors for peripherals like hard drives, graphics cards, and fans. Modular PSUs offer customizable cable connections, reducing clutter in the PC case. Efficiency ratings like 80 PLUS indicate energy efficiency levels. Choosing a reliable PSU with sufficient wattage and safety certifications is vital for stable performance and safeguarding components against power fluctuations.

Power Supply Price in Bangladesh 2024

Computers make our various tasks easy so it is important to provide proper power to the computer as it will keep the computer motherboard and other parts in good condition. Usually this power supply comes with the casing but if one needs more reliable power supply then this additional power supply may need to be attached. Just like a server needs a dual power supply, gaming needs a powerful PC power supply. And good rated power supplies are now available in Bangladesh at low prices.

Popular Power Supply Brand

Onix is one of the best Power supply seller companies in Bangladesh.Onix BD provided different quality power supplies In keeping with the best price.Onix BD provided different type of brand power supply 1STPLAYERAigo, Antec, Aptech, Asus, Cooler Master,Corsair, DeepcoolDelux, Gamdias, Gigabyte,MSINZXTSeasonicThermaltakeThunderboltValue TopXIGMATEK.

Elements of Power Supply

1. Conversion of Power

Power supplies are frequently used to connect electrical equipment to battery power sources, such as automobile outlets or other DC sources. In general, AC is provided by the majority of power sources.

2. Output Voltage

Some devices need a higher voltage to function, while those that need a lower voltage might not be able to manage that output without overheating. Therefore, the power supply adjusts the voltage output to meet the needs of a particular equipment. Thus, the price of pc power supply in bd also varies with different outputs.

Type of Power Supply

Full Modular PSU

Full Modular Power Supply provides higher quality flexibility in managing cables, making it simpler to achieve a neat and organized build, improving airflow, and reducing cluttering among cables. In a fully modular PSU, all sorts of cables are easily detachable from the power supply which means you can connect only the cables you need, leaving out any unnecessary ones.

Semi-Modular PSU

Having less complex than a Full Modular Design, a Semi-Modular PSU features a combination of permanently attached 24-pin ATX and CPU power cables along with detachable cables of other components. For gamers, content creators, or PC enthusiasts, Semi-Modular and Full Modular PSUs are well suited as they keep Desktop PCs more clear and well-ventilated.

Non-Modular PSU

As the name, the budget-friendly Non-modular PSUs have permanently attached cables to their units. So, It's impossible to replace, detach, or reattach the cables. This type of design comes with potentially less efficiency in cable management.

Power Supply Performance

The performance of a power supply is crucial for stable and efficient operation in electronic devices. It's measured by factors like efficiency, voltage regulation, and ripple suppression. Efficiency indicates how well it converts input power to usable output, impacting energy consumption and heat generation. Voltage regulation ensures a steady output despite input fluctuations, vital for sensitive components' reliability. Ripple suppression minimizes fluctuations in DC output, crucial for sensitive circuits. Quality capacitors, robust design, and adequate power reserves also influence performance. A reliable power supply ensures consistent and safe power delivery, preserving device longevity and preventing potential damage from electrical irregularities.

Power Supply Models Available At Onix

Budget Friendly

  1. Aigo VK450-450Watt Black Power Supply
  2. Corsair RM Series RM650 650W Power Supply
  3. Corsair RM750e 750W 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular Power Supply


  1. Cooler Master MWE 750W Bronze V2 230V 80 Plus Power Supply
  2. Antec VP650 Plus 650W Non Modular Power Supply
  3. DeepCool PK750D 750 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply


  1. Deepcool DQ750M-V3L Full Modular 750W 80 Plus Gold Certified Power Supply
  2. Corsair RM1000e Fully Modular Low-Noise ATX Power Supply
  3. Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Full Modular ARGB 850W Power Supply With Digital Options

Power Supply  Features:

  • Input voltage type (AC