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Portable HDD Price in Bangladesh

Portable hard disk drives are dominant secondary storage devices for storing digital information that is usually pre-assembled or assembled by combining an external enclosure. These are available in two different sizes variants, 2.5-inch are typically known as portable external hard drives and 3.5-inch are known as desktop external drives. The concept of secondary storage was first introduced by IBM in the year of 1956. Over the passage of time it improves and in March 2015 it achieved the capacity volume from 500GB to 1TB. 

Portable HDD Price in Bangladesh 2024

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What is a portable Hard Disk?

A hard disk suitable for use anywhere is called a portable hard disk. A portable hard disk is a portable hard disk that is used with a cable by inserting the hard disk of a laptop or desktop into another casing.

Beat Portable HDD Brand at Best Price in BD

Historically more than 200 companies have been producing these device, among those prominent brands are Western Digital, Toshiba, Transcend, Seagate and Adata. If you consider the types we have 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB types in the variety at best price.

Adata Portable Hard Disk Drive

The well-known producer of portable HDDs is Adata. It stands out from the competitors since it makes use of TurboHDD to increase speed and economy. Data transfers are sped up by TurboHDD, which also offers a time-saving speed that makes information promptly and with little delay available. Adata's AES 256-bit encryption shields stored data from unauthorized access and unintentional disclosure. A cloud backup tool that offers backup to the cloud, local hard drives, and mobile devices is part of Backup ToGo. Some Adata portable HDDs include noteworthy features, such as the One-Touch backup capabilities of the Adata HM800 series. By pressing a button, the Adata HD680 syncs and automatically backs up files.

Seagate Portable HDD

Portable hard disk drives made by Seagate, a reputable storage manufacturer, are reliable and long-lasting. Their tasteful, simple design is chic, and practical, and has a soft, textured feel. Large files can be transported swiftly and easily at rates of up to 1,030 MB/s. The Android app makes backing up photographs and movies straightforward. Files remain accessible and readily available thanks to USB-interoperability C's with Windows and Mac computers. Continually do work while on the go with a well-styled travel-sized drive. Your digital content is safe and secure with Seagate thanks to AES-256 hardware encryption, which is the same standard utilized by the U.S. government and international intelligence organizations. You can set up automatic backups with Seagate One Touch HDD at any interval you desire, ensuring that all of your files are safely kept in one location. The price of the Seagate portable HDD now starts at 5,200 BDT at our online store.

Western Digital HDD

The Western Digital Portable HDD is a reliable and popular external storage solution. With capacities ranging from 1TB to 5TB, it offers ample space for backing up your data, storing media, or expanding your storage on-the-go. Its USB 3.0 interface ensures fast data transfer speeds, while the compact and durable design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or bag. Western Digital's built-in security features like password protection and hardware encryption provide added data protection. This drive is compatible with both Windows and macOS, making it a versatile choice for various users seeking dependable and portable storage.

Toshiba Portable HDD 

The Toshiba Portable HDD is a reliable and versatile external storage solution. It is available in various capacities, typically ranging from 1TB to 4TB, catering to different storage needs. The drive connects through a USB 3.0 interface, offering fast data transfer speeds for backups, file storage, and more. Its compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable and ideal for on-the-go use. Toshiba's drive often comes with backup software for added convenience and security. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS systems, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users seeking dependable and easily transportable storage.

Transcend Portable HDD

The Transcend Portable HDD is a reliable external storage solution known for its durability and performance. Available in various capacities, typically ranging from 1TB to 4TB, it provides ample storage space for backups, data storage, and more. With a USB 3.0 interface, it delivers swift data transfer speeds. Its rugged, shock-resistant design ensures data protection in various environments, making it suitable for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Transcend often includes backup and encryption software to enhance data security. The drive is compatible with both Windows and macOS, making it a versatile choice for users seeking robust, portable storage with an emphasis on durability.

Portable Hard Disk Drive Features:

  • Large storage capacity: Portable HDDs offer a large storage capacity, ranging from a few hundred gigabytes to several terabytes, making them ideal for storing large amounts of data such as videos, music, photos, and documents.
  • Portability: As the name suggests, portable HDDs are designed to be portable, which means you can carry them around easily. This makes them a great choice for people who need to work on multiple devices or need to take their data with them on the go.
  • Compatibility: Portable HDDs are compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktops, and gaming consoles, making them a versatile storage solution.
  • Durability: Portable HDDs are designed to be rugged and durable, making them resistant to drops, shocks, and other physical damage. This ensures that your data remains safe and secure even if the drive is dropped or bumped.
  • Easy to use: Portable HDDs are easy to use and require no additional software or drivers to operate. All you need to do is plug them into your device's USB port, and you're good to go.
  • Cost-effective: Portable HDDs offer a cost-effective way to store large amounts of data, making them an ideal choice for users on a budget.

Advantages of Portable Hard Disk

  • High Storage Capacity: Portable Hard Disks Offer High Storage Capacity, From A Few Gigabytes To Several Terabytes. This Makes Them Ideal For Storing Large Amounts Of Data, Such As Photos, Videos, Music, And Documents.
  • Fast Data Transfer Rate: It Has A Fast Data Transfer Rate, So You Can Quickly Copy Or Move Files To And From The Disk. This Is Very Handy If You Need To Transfer Large Files, Such As Video Files.

Best Portable Hard Disk Drive Shop in BD

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Portable Hard Disk Drive Price in Bangladesh 2024

Portable Hard Disk Drive prices in Bangladesh for 2024 at Onix Computer. Uncover a diverse range of Portable Hard Disk Drive tailored to various needs .Onix Computer begins at BDT 5,200৳ and can go up to BDT 126,400৳ depending on the brand and specifications With a variety of 35 items available at Onix Computer. Onix Computer ensures you access the latest technology at the best prices, emphasizing both performance and reliability. Stay ahead of the curve with top brands, finding the perfect Portable Hard Disk Drive to elevate your computing experience. Trust Onix Computer for quality, affordability, and a seamless shopping journey in Bangladesh.

Adata HD710M Pro 2TB Blue Portable Hard Drive
Save950 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Capacity 2TB
    • Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1
    • Texture Plastic / Anti-shock silicone
    • Operating Voltage 5°C(41°F) - 50°C (122°F)
Adata HD710M Pro 2TB Camouflage Portable Hard Drive
Save700 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Capacity 2TB
    • Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1
    • Texture Plastic / Anti-shock silicone
    • Operating Voltage 5°C(41°F) - 50°C (122°F)
G-Technology ArmorATD 2TB USB 3.1 Portable Hard disk Drive
Save1550 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
      • 2TB Capacity
      • Bus Powered
      • USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C Interface
      • Up to 140 MB/s Data Transfer Speed
    G-Technology ArmorATD 4TB USB 3.1 Portable Hard Drive
    Save2450 ৳
    Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
        • 4TB Capacity
        • Bus Powered
        • USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C Interface
        • Up to 135 MB/s Data Transfer Speed
      LaCie d2 Professional 10TB Portable Hard Drive
      Save5150 ৳
      Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
        • Interface USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C Ports
        • Transfer Rates Up to 260 MB/s (Read/Write)
        • Rotational Speed 7200 rpm
        • Compatible with Windows & Mac
      SanDisk Professional G-RAID 2 12TB 2-Bay RAID Array External HDD
      Save11400 ৳
      Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
        • Capacity 2 x 6TB Ultrastar Enterprise 3.5" HDDs
        • Ports: Thunderbolt 3, USB Type-C, HDMI
        • Transfer Rates 500 MB/s (Read/Write)
        • RAID Modes: RAID 0, 1, JBOD
      Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
        • Front-facing USB-C and USB 3.0 port
        • Password-protected external hard drive
        • Seagate Toolkit Backup Software Included
        • Compatible with Windows and Mac
      Seagate STHN1000403 1TB Portable HDD
      Save400 ৳
      Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
        • Capacity 1TB
        • Version USB 3.0
        • Form Factor HDD
        • Data Transfer Rate 110 Mbps
      Silicon Power Armor A62 Game Drive 4TB USB 3.2 Gen 1 Portable HDD
      Save2250 ৳
      Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
        • Material Plastic / Rubber
        • Type External Hard Drive
        • Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1
        • Storage 4 TB