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Dell monitor price in bangladesh

Get all latest Dell Monitor at the lowest price in Bangladesh. Find your desired Dell Monitor at the best price in BD.Shop Dell Monitors from Onix BD. You can get all the latest Dell Monitor’s information’s, Prices by visiting our website.Ultra sharp, Professional, 4K, 8K, Gaming, UHD and Touch Dell Monitors are available in Onix BD one of the largest IT product supplier in Bangladesh at the lowest price in Bangladesh (BD).

Dell monitor price in BD

Onix  has Dell Monitor of different sizes and designs such as 18.5”, 19”, 22”-24”, 25”-29”, 30”-38”, 43 or above, Curved, Premier Color, Infinity Edge, Touch, Wireless, HDR etc. So, order online or visit your nearest Onix BD Showroom for your desired Dell Monitor at the best price in Bangladesh.

The company develops, sells, repairs, and provides support for its products. The company has been named after the founder, Michael Dell, and it is one of the leading technological corporations in the world. The company sells LCD-based computer monitors and provides bundled monitors with its desktop computers as package deals, as well as selling them separately through their online store and some other retailers.

Dell monitor Features:

  • Panel: Most Dell monitors have IPS LCD panel. IPS panel has faster response time and provide better color. Even the IPS display is good for the eyes. However, some Dell monitor comes with VA and TN panels.
  • Screen Resolution: The screen resolution of Dell monitor ranges from HD to 4K. The resolution quality of the Dell monitor is comparatively very good.
  • Color support: Dell monitors support 16.7 million colors, so it is convenient to work with graphics and can present the correct colors and darkest parts of all types of videos. Dell monitor is far ahead in terms of color support.
  • Brightness: Dell monitors provide brightness from a minimum of 250 CD/m² to a maximum of 350 CD/m², so Dell monitor is suitable for all types of work.
  • Refresh Rate: Most Dell monitors have a 60Hz refresh rate which is more than adequate for all task. However, Dell gaming monitors have a refresh rate of 120Hz to 135Hz so competitive games can be enjoyed easily.
  • Power consumption: Dell monitors consume relatively less power. Low power consumption is one of the features of Dell monitor which has made Dell monitor popular in Bangladesh.
  • Eco Friendly: Dell monitors are made from 75 percent recycled cardboard material. So, Dell monitors are not wrong to be called environment friendly monitor.
  • Durability: Due to the extraordinary structure of Dell monitor, Dell monitor is durable for a long time. Monitor users in Bangladesh prefer Dell monitor for this reason.

Dell monitor Banefit:

  • Dell Monitor comes with Ultra-sharp 8K resolution display, gives you the lifelike feeling when you watch any image or video
  • Latest model of Dell monitor comes with 10 point touch functionality, gives you extra fast working efficiency
  • All the Dell monitor design with the eco-friendly format
  • Dell monitor designed with state-of-the-art connectivity gives you a low power consumption facility
  • Dell gives you the comfort of using the monitor as per your likings. You can tilt, pivot, swivel, and even adjust the height for your convenience
  • Gaming monitor gives you clear visual details and the best speed
  • You can easily do the multi-tasking
  • Dell monitor designed for an ergonomic way for a suitable working setup
  • Larger screen of the Dell monitor gives you more space to work efficiently. Suitable for video editing and gameplay.

Dell Monitor Performance:

Dell monitors are known for their impressive performance across various categories. They offer a wide range of resolutions, including Full HD and 4K Ultra HD, providing sharp and detailed visuals. Panel technologies like IPS ensure excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles, making them ideal for professional tasks.Many Dell monitors feature high refresh rates, such as 120Hz or 240Hz, catering to gamers seeking smoother gameplay. Fast response times reduce motion blur, enhancing overall visual clarity.Connectivity options are diverse, including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, and legacy ports, ensuring compatibility with various devices. HDR support enhances contrast and color for vibrant visuals in HDR content.Ergonomic designs with height adjustment and tilt features promote comfortable viewing. Some models include NVIDIA G-SYNC or AMD FreeSync for tear-free gaming.Dell monitors strike a balance between performance and value, making them suitable for a wide range of users and applications.

Dell Monitor series:

  • Dell E series: The energy-efficient monitors in this series are for budget buyers. This series has 18.5 inch, 19.5 inch, 20 inch, 21.5 and 22 inch monitors in Bangladesh. Some of the attractive features of these monitors are LED edge light system, adjustable LED power indicator, energy Gauge, backlight dimming control, screen performance, plug and view, mounting option, tilt at will, convenient controls, Full HD resolution, etc.
  • Dell S series: Most of the models in this series are for casual users and console gamers. For those who want to get beautiful color and contrast without tweaking any settings, the Dell S series monitor is for them. These monitors have many attractive features such as game mode, ComfyView, Flicker-Free technology, Energy Gauge, Mercury-free, arsenic-free glass, Dark Stabilizer, Low Blue Light technology, Smooth gameplay, sharp tear-free graphics with a swift refresh rate at 144Hz and AMD FreeSync for super-smooth visuals. These monitors are available in 21.5 inch and 24 inch screen sizes. 
  • Dell P series: The monitors in this series are known for their productivity and style. These monitors are suitable for professional and office work. Dell P series monitors in Bangladesh comes with specifications such as: LED indicator, volume control, portrait/landscape mode, VESA interface support, microphone with noise-cancellation, anti-theft stand lock slot, dual IR LEDs, a noise-canceling mic and two 5W integrated speakers deliver crystal clear audio, Full HD IPS Monitor for Video Conferencing, etc. 
  • Dell U series: Dell ultrasharp monitors come with all the features that make viewing comfortable. Some of those features are the 4K USB-C Monitor, InfinityEdge feature and multitasking capabilities, Capture every element, Visually stunning, Impressive color and details, standard Color consistency, Simple manageability, etc. 

Buy the best price dell monitor from Onix BD

Onix BD is one of the best monitor retailers in Bangladesh.Onix BD sells different types of monitors Dell is one of them. Dell manufactures different kinds of models every year like:

Onix BD sells online and physical shops 7 days a week. Buy Dell Monitors At Best Price in Bangladesh Onix BD.

Dell Monitor Review:

Dell monitors consistently earn positive reviews for their reliability and versatility. They offer excellent performance with a variety of resolutions, including 4K Ultra HD and WQHD, ensuring sharp and detailed visuals. Panel technologies like IPS deliver accurate colors and wide viewing angles, making them suitable for both work and entertainment.Dell monitors often feature ergonomic designs with height adjustment, tilt, and swivel options for comfortable viewing. Connectivity options are abundant, catering to diverse needs, while some models support USB-C for convenient device compatibility.

Their value for money, especially in the Dell Ultrasharp series, is highlighted for professional tasks like photo and video editing, thanks to factory color calibration.While Dell gaming monitors impress with high refresh rates and response times, some users might find the built-in speakers lacking. Overall, Dell monitors offer reliable performance and versatility for a range of users and purposes.

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