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Biwintech Desktop RAM Price in BD

The Biwintech Desktop RAM offers enhanced performance and multitasking capabilities for your computer. With its reliable and efficient design, this RAM module optimizes system speed and responsiveness, ensuring smoother operations during intensive tasks, gaming, or everyday computing. Featuring advanced memory technology, it provides high-speed data transfer rates for improved overall system performance. Available in various capacities, the Biwintech Desktop RAM is compatible with different systems, offering seamless integration and reliable operation. Whether you're upgrading your existing system or building a new one, this RAM module is a cost-effective solution to boost your computer's performance and handle multiple tasks with ease.

Best Biwintech Desktop RAM Price in Bangladesh 2024

Biwintech Desktop RAM's specific historical details might not be widely available. However, as a component of Biwintech, a technology brand known for producing computer hardware and accessories, its RAM likely emerged in response to the growing demand for memory modules optimized for desktop systems. Over time, it likely evolved alongside advancements in computer technology, adapting to changing standards and specifications, aiming to offer improved performance, capacity, and compatibility with various desktop setups.


  • Performance Enhancement: Designed to boost your computer's performance by increasing its memory capacity, allowing for smoother multitasking and faster data processing.
  • Speed and Responsiveness: Offers improved system speed and responsiveness, enabling seamless operations, quicker data access, and reduced loading times for applications and files.
  • Compatibility: Available in various capacities and compatible with different desktop systems, ensuring versatility and ease of integration.
  • Reliability: Built with reliable memory technology, providing stable and consistent performance under various computing demands.
  • Efficient Data Transfer: Facilitates high-speed data transfer rates, optimizing the overall efficiency and performance of the system.
  • Cost-Effective Upgrade: Provides a cost-effective solution for system upgrades, allowing users to enhance their system performance without the need for a complete overhaul.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, making it user-friendly for both DIY enthusiasts and experienced system builders.
  • Quality Assurance: Often backed by warranties and quality assurance to ensure durability and reliability, offering peace of mind to users.

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Biwintech RAM (Desktop) Price in Bangladesh 2024

Please find the Biwintech RAM (Desktop) prices in Bangladesh listed below. The range starts from BDT 2,420৳ and goes up to BDT 2,420৳ with a total of 1 different products available. Out of these, 1 products are currently in stock, and 1 of them are offered at the best discount price. The price list was last updated on 12-07-2024 by Onix Computer.

Save120 ৳
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Capacity:8GB
    • Memory Type: DDR4
    • Bus-Speed: 3200 MHz
    • Number-Of-Pin: 288 Pin
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