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Logitech Speaker Price in Bangladesh

Explore the immersive world of audio with Logitech Speakers, now available at unbeatable prices in Bangladesh. Elevate your music, gaming, and entertainment experiences with a range of Logitech Speaker options, delivering rich, crystal-clear sound. From compact desktop speakers to powerful gaming setups, Logitech offers cutting-edge technology that enhances your audio journey. At Onix BD, discover a variety of Logitech Speakers tailored to fit your preferences and budget. Bring superior audio quality to your living space or workspace – shop Logitech Speakers at competitive prices in Bangladesh and immerse yourself in exceptional sound.

Logitech Speaker

The company was founded in Apples, Switzerland in the year 1981. Logitech products are distributed over hundred countries all over the world through retail channels or via their strategic partnerships and achieved to association with the PC manufacturers. The brand name Logitech was inspired by the word “logiciel” which stands for software, but due to the name conflict in Japan they have changed it to “Logicool”. This brand is specialized in manufacturing & distributing speakers, mice, keyboards webcams, tablet accessories, Bluetooth speakers, and more. In the year of 2008 they had acquired Ultimate Ears, a supplier of custom in-ear monitors for professional musicians and Bluetooth speakers for the consumer market.


Sound Quality:

Logitech speakers deliver high-quality sound with clear audio, deep bass, and immersive experiences across various genres.

Connectivity Options:

Logitech speakers offer versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm audio jack, and wireless capabilities, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Wireless Freedom:

Many Logitech speakers come with wireless capabilities, allowing you to enjoy clutter-free setups and the convenience of streaming audio from your devices.

Compact Design:

Logitech offers compact speaker designs, perfect for desktops, laptops, and limited spaces, without compromising on audio performance.

Gaming Speakers:

Logitech gaming speakers are specifically designed for gamers, featuring immersive surround sound, customizable lighting, and dedicated controls for an enhanced gaming experience.

THX-Certified Audio:

Some Logitech speakers are THX-certified, ensuring cinema-quality sound with clear dialogue, impactful bass, and true-to-life audio reproduction.

Multimedia Controls:

Logitech speakers often come with convenient multimedia controls, allowing you to adjust volume, bass, and other settings with ease.

Built-in Subwoofers:

Premium Logitech speaker models may include built-in subwoofers for powerful bass response, adding depth to your audio experience.

Adaptive Sound Technology:

Logitech speakers may feature adaptive sound technology that adjusts audio settings based on the content being played, providing optimal sound for different scenarios.


Some Logitech speakers are designed for portability, featuring rechargeable batteries, compact sizes, and durable builds for on-the-go audio enjoyment.


Logitech speakers are compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and more.

Customization Options:

Certain Logitech speakers offer customization options such as programmable buttons, EQ settings, and RGB lighting control for a personalized audio experience.


  • Logitech speaker is mainly known in Bangladesh for their excellent audio quality. Because Logitech speaker is designed to get accurate sound when listening to audio, watching videos, or gaming.
  • According to customer needs and preferences, Logitech offers a wide range of model Speaker at a low price. Currently, there are Logitech stereo speaker for basic stereo sound, 2:1 speaker with dedicated subwoofer for enhanced bass, and Logitech 5:1 sound system to deliver an engaging sound experience in large spaces.
  • Logitech speaker is well known for delivering desirable quality audio as well as sleek and aesthetic designs. Hence, this brand of speaker is perfect for setting up at home or office.
  • Logitech speaker usually offers user-friendly control system and proper instruction to facilitate easy set-up and use. As a result, it can be set up quickly without hassle.
  • 3.5mm audio jack, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, RCA, and optical connectivity are available to easily connect the Logitech speaker with other smart devices including laptops, computers, and mobiles.
  • Logitech speaker is available in a compact size, which saves space, for easy use in small rooms or common desk spaces.
  • Logitech supplies high-quality and durable speaker, which provides impressive performance as well as guarantee long-lasting use.
  • Logitech speaker has remote control facility to control from a certain distance. Also, Logitech Speaker can be wall-mounted.
  • Moreover, Logitech speaker is known as a trusted brand in the Audio industry. So, using the speaker will solve any problem as well as provide a warranty

Best Buys at Most Affordable Prices

  • Logitech Z120 Stereo Speakers:Immerse yourself in rich, stereo sound with Logitech Z120 Stereo Speakers. Compact and convenient, these speakers feature a minimalist design with easy-to-use controls. Powered via USB, they're ideal for laptops and desktops. With a 3.5mm audio jack, enjoy hassle-free connectivity. Logitech Z120 brings quality audio to your workspace or entertainment setup in a sleek, space-saving package.
  • Logitech Z313 Speaker:Elevate your audio experience with the Logitech Z313 Speaker System. This 2.1 speaker setup delivers rich, room-filling sound. The compact subwoofer enhances bass, while the two satellite speakers provide clear highs. Conveniently control volume and power with the wired control pod. Perfect for music, movies, and gaming, the Logitech Z313 is a versatile and stylish audio solution for your desktop or entertainment center.
  • Logitech Z607 5.1 Speaker:Immerse yourself in a cinematic audio experience with the Logitech Z607 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker System. Boasting 160 watts of peak power, this 5.1 surround sound setup delivers powerful and immersive sound for music, movies, and gaming. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily stream your favorite tunes wirelessly. The included remote allows convenient control, making the Logitech Z607 a versatile and impressive audio solution for your home entertainment.
  • Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker:Experience powerful audio with the Logitech Z623 2.1 Speaker System. Delivering 200 watts of RMS power, these speakers provide deep bass and crisp highs for an immersive listening experience. The THX-certified sound ensures studio-quality audio, making it ideal for music, movies, and gaming. Convenient controls and multiple inputs add versatility, making the Logitech Z623 a top-notch choice for your entertainment setup.

Logitech Speaker Performance

Logitech speakers deliver outstanding performance, offering rich, immersive sound quality for a variety of audio experiences. With advanced audio engineering and powerful drivers, Logitech speakers produce clear highs, detailed mids, and deep, punchy bass. Whether for music, movies, or gaming, these speakers provide an enhanced audio experience, filling the room with dynamic sound. Many models feature convenient controls for adjusting volume and bass levels, ensuring personalized audio settings. With easy setup and compatibility with multiple devices, Logitech speakers are the perfect choice for elevating your entertainment and multimedia experience.

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Logitech Speaker and Home Theater Price in Bangladesh 2024

Please find the Logitech Speaker and Home Theater prices in Bangladesh listed below. The range starts from BDT 1,650৳ and goes up to BDT 16,800৳ with a total of 5 different products available. Out of these, 3 products are currently in stock, and 4 of them are offered at the best discount price. The price list was last updated on 12-07-2024 by Onix Computer.

Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Model: Logitech Z313
Stock: In Stock Stock: In Stock
    • Thx Certified Audio
    • 400 Watts Of Powerful Sound
    • Controls At Your Fingertips
    • Frequency:35 Hz-20 Khz
Logitech Z607 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Stock: Out Of Stock
Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker
-100 % Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Stock: Out Of Stock
    • Frequency:35 Hz-20 KHz
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Latest Logitech Speaker and Home Theater price List in BD 2024

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Logitech Speaker and Home Theater List Price in BD
Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker 0৳