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Air Conditioners

Onixbd Electronics has a great collection of Air Conditioners of different brands, including Panasonic, General, Sharp, LG, Rowa, Daikin and other popular brands. Categories of Air Conditioners are Inverter, Non-Inverter, Window, Floor Stand, Portable, Hot & Cold, Split Type/ Light Commercial, HVAC-Commercial & Industrial, Air Curtains, etc. We are the authorized dealer of Panasonic and other reputated Air-Conditioning manufacturer and selling the Air Conditioner at the best price all over Bangladesh

AC Buying in Bangladesh 2023

All types of air conditioner is good and should be bought depends on the room condition and budget.

Split air conditioner has two parts - outdoor unit and indoor unit. Split air conditioner is energy efficient and has a soundless operation. Split AC has a rich temperature control than other air conditioner.

Window air conditioner is used for small home or office. The window AC compressor and the evaporator are in one unit.

Types of Air Conditioner (AC) available in BD

Modern ACs have different variations in terms of size, shape, and design. There are only two main types of AC available. The first one is the Window AC and The Second Type is the Split AC. Although we also have another type of ACs called Portable ACs.

Window AC

These ACs are mounted on a wall or windows and feature a Monoblock AC design. These ACS are usually heavy and require strong structural support. The cooling fans are also a bit noisy.

Split Air Conditioners (AC)

Split Air Conditioners (AC) are the most common ones available. These Air conditioners (AC) have a separate compressor and heat dispensing coils into an external unit that sits outside your home. Maintenance for split ACs is expensive but the cooling performance makes up for it.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable ACs are Commonly marketed as Air Coolers. The Portable Air Conditioners (AC) are very compact in design; making them ideal for smaller rooms. Because of their portable Size, they have reduced cooling performance.

Things You Must Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner or AC .Whether you are getting an AC for Home or Office how would you know which one is the best option for you.

Capacity or Tonnage

Tonnage refers to the Cooling capacity of the air conditioning system or AC. It is measured by the amount of heat required to melt 1 ton of Ice in 24 hours. Choosing an Air conditioner with the right tonnage affects the overall cooling performance. Usually, 1 Ton Air Conditioner (AC) is good for rooms135 sq ft.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy efficiency is another important aspect to be aware of. Anyone wants an AC that Ensures maximum cooling with minimum power consumption. For any Air Conditioner or AC, the energy efficiency rating is measured with Star. The more Energy Star it has the less power it will consume. It is standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

Air Conditioner (AC) At Best Price In Bangladesh 

Experience reliable shopping for Best Air Conditioner In Bangladesh online from Onixbd. Here you can find best deals on 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton and 4 ton Air Conditioner Price In Bangladesh 2023 from top brands. Since, Bangladesh is one of the few countries that gets to enjoy all the four seasons starting from the freezing cold of the winter season to the scorching heat of the summer. The summer season in particular lasts longer and exposes us to the heat that can be unbearable at times. Luckily, nowadays we have home appliances in bangladesh that can counter the heat.The concept of air cooler came in to being. However, that trend gradually waned as Air Conditioners came to the fore. Onixbd BD Computer system Ltd brings to you an extensive collection of the best budget air conditioners for sale from below mentioned brands.

What is the AC price in Bangladesh 2023?

Onix Computer System AC Price List page shows you prices for the latest AC models available in Bangladesh with Avail benefits such as free shipping, EMI, extended warranty, and assured buyback. Find the lowest prices in Bangladesh along with product specifications, key features, pictures, ratings & more. The lowest prices are obtained for easy price comparison. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & offers. Subscribe to OurYouTube Channel for Product Reviews.

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