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A4 Tech OP-620D USB Optical Mouse

Key Features
Type USB Wired
Main Feature
Keys 3
Physical Specification
Dimension 4.68L x 2.48W x 1.39H in.
Weight 0.19 Ib.
Warranty Information
Warranty 1 Year

A4 Tech OP-620D USB Optical Mouse 

A4tech is a Taiwanese computer hardware and electronics company located in New Taipei, Taiwan. This company is famous for its mouse, headset and gaming devices. Among all devices, the mouse is the most popular in Bangladesh. People love the A4Tech OP-620D USB Optical Mouse very much for its special quality and features. A4tech Op-620d Price in BD has already shown in the above. 

A4tech Op-620d Specs is a regular optical mouse with ergonomic style and size. It is very comfortable to use within the palm inside naturally.  It has a USB interface as you can connect to your device in the USB port as it is a wired mouse. It offers you a 1.5 M long cable which allows you to drag your mouse freely to your convenience. Its dimension is 63 x 119 x 36 mm which is good enough in size for thumb size. A4tech op-620d weighs 3.2 ounces. 

It is a very natural 2X Click mouse that selects or highlights an object while double click excludes the function. It also has a clicking sound to make you ensure how many clicks you have made or yet to make. 

Its maximum DPI(Dot Per Inch) is 1000. DPI is the measurement of how the mouse is sensitive. The higher DPI of a mouse, the faster the mouse will work. So 1000 DPI is sound enough for working a speedy job. It also helps you to point at things more accurately.A4tech op-620d software is not needed to install separately, it will automatically install the driver.

There are four buttons for you which will give you extra facilities like left mouse button performs double click, another left mouse button performs for dragging, wheel mouse button performs rolling and the right mouse button is used for right-clicking. The wheel has four ways by which you can smartly roll it to horizontal and vertical in any direction conveniently. The wheel has a very long durable life span as it is dust resistant. 

It is extremely qualities which offer over 5 million clicks guaranteed. It is also very smooth and accurate tracking everywhere even on a fury textile.   

This mouse is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP. That is why it is supported by any popular operating system. You will have a 1-year warranty for this model. 

If you are looking for A4Tech OP-620D USB Optical Mouse and have already decided to purchase this one, Ryans Computer is offering you some facilities like an offline and online support for 64 districts and 24/7 customer service too.  

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